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Sunday, 19 June 2011



Ephesus is amazing! I love ruins. The Library is


what an amazing day! wow!


Hi Rosa - The Library of Celsus was one of the highlites of our trip.

Hi Kat - It was well worth seeing.

ed (from Yuma)

Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing. I had seen pics of the theatre and that sculpture of Nike before, but most of the rest of the pictures and sites are brand new to me even though they are clearly very old. What an amazing place to visit.

Wandering Chopsticks

The library looks pretty amazing still. Imagine how incredible the city must have been in its heyday.


So, do you take notes on these places? Because I was there not long ago and you definitely remember a heck of a lot more of the history behind that place than I ever did.


Hi Ed - Man did we enjoy Ephesus.... it was much more than I had imagined.

Hi WC - I think the folks that have done the restoration at Ephesus have done an excellent job of giving us clues to the grandess of the city, while leaving enough to let our imagine run with it! It's very nice to hear from you BTW!

LOL Jason - I think we take so many photos, and read up a bit on the places we're visiting that we can actually put together a story of sorts.... of course there's so much more that I've missed. During the evenings the Missus and I will read our guidebooks and chat about what we've seen so I think that helps. On places that I really enjoyed, like Ephesus, I have to restrain myself...which I did at the end, because I could have kept on going..... I also do some light reading on the places that fascinate me after I return as well.... it always seems to make more sense then.


Okay, let me get this straight, they paved the street with marble and the toilets were carved out of rough stone? That ain't right :) ! Olives and bread for breakfast, what a good idea!


Hi AZ - I guess they had different, ummm priorities....


Man, this is amazing. These are the kind of places I want to visit someday, when (if?) I have the means to do so. Thanks for all these vacation posts!


No thank you for taking the time out to comment FN!Turkey is a wonderful place to visit.

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