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Wednesday, 22 June 2011



hi kirk,
your spam katsu curry is awesome! i like the cute quail eggs too, so tiny...

for some reason, the spam singles don't taste quite the same (or as good) as the big block from the can.

my husband's SPAM shirt got a lot of comments during our road trip. one girl asked if he was from hawaii (because she was)! :)


Spam Katsu Curry. I think you're my hero, Kirk.


do you have a recipe for your duck legs? i have a couple in the freezer and was not sure what i wanted to do with them.


Hi CC - You know; as a whole, I think they've changed the recipe for Spam over the years. It's not qutie as salty or fatty as I recalled. The singles are kinda that's why breading and frying was a good option I think!

LOL Michelle!

Hi Brookstar - For this version of the duck legs, I seasoned with a generous amount of salt and smoked salt, black pepper, and five spice. I smoked over oak using my stove-top smoker. The last step was a deep fry to crisp up the legs. You can also thaw, marinate, season then steam. I'd recommend a deep fry or high heat saute to crisp up the skin at the end.


I've never had Spam in my life, but... breaded, fried, and crispy Spam? I'm in!


wow panko crusted Spam w quail eggs. Should consider entering yourself on Master Chef


spam katsu sounds good!


Hi FN - Just about anything made the way you describe is bound to be a winna!

LOL MikeW! I'm not so sure about that......

Hi Kat - It was.


I love the way the SPAM katsu curry looks. Must have been delicious!


That's look delicious, Kirk.


Wow, that looks crazy good! Wish places had it on the menu. :)


Hi Carol - It sure hit the spot.....

Hey Billy - It's so nice to hear from you!

Hi Dennis - There used to be places in Honolulu that served it.... too bad Curry House didn't! ;o)

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