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Monday, 13 June 2011



sounds like a nice place.


I'm glad to hear that you were pleasantly surprised by the flavor of their food.


Hi Kat - Yes, the food wasn't bad.

Hi Alyssa - It was better than I thought.


Sounds like the rice alone is reason to visit. And Fried Plantains are always a treat!


I'll have to check it out. I love Oxtail. Sounds like a bit of a clunker though.

Am I the only one who finds it funny when they charge more for white meat?

Scotty B

Those oxtails look great. I'm craving that rice already...


Good post. Isn't jerk always grilled? You sound surprised. The braised chicken is probably brown stew chicken.


Hi Lynnea - This place isn;t quite in the league of Caribbean Taste and Island Spice, but is pretty good.

Hi Jan - I find it even more funny that people pay more for white meat.

Hi Scotty - That rice was pretty good.

Hi Adam - Yes, jerk is grilled, that's why I was surprised that it was more almost braised. There's no brown stew chicken on the menu; and brown stew chicken is much more braised.... I should know, I've had it before. I guess this place just makes it this way.


I think this storefront used to be a Mediterranean restaurant - it's next to the Mexican place, right?

Oxtails sounds yummy - and it's Wednesday tomorrow!


Hi Sandy - Yes, you're right..... I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was. Try out those oxtails.... I'm not sure if you've had them at the other places, but try those out too!

lani CARRIBEAN food & they have grown.since UR last again n give us round two I like the fact that UR review r true n in depth


LOL Lani.... I like, well love all types of food! I've got to make my way back to Laylah's and I will.


Whyhate the movement is here to solve any problem you have with Mama's cooking. She cook from her hearts. Her flavor is unique and in every part of the world there is no right way for anyone, to cook they cook from what they were thought as a child. Mama's cooking is from her own recipe she created so, thank you and come if you like it and enjoy the taste of her hands.

Theresa Raynor

We are not in Jamaica thank god for America so, I can cook the way I like to. My jerk chicken is not dry it moist and we did that intentionally, So for those of you who wants their chicken burn you will not get it here. I cook from what I create not what Jamaican do outside on a grill, that the reason why I am different with my flavors. I am unique and you can't compare me with no other but myself. come if you want something that I created or go else Mama Jamaica is one of a kind.


Hi Bambi - All I can say to your shilling is..."I really don't want to taste anyone's hands."

Hey Theresa - What's up with the defensive attitude? I didn't say your chicken was bad, so what's up with that? In fact I wrote, "This was decent, and I felt pretty good overall." Also, since I checked the IP address, do you also go by the name of Bambi???

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