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Tuesday, 07 June 2011


The Food Detective

Your dogs eat very well.

I didn't know there's a PPJ down there? I think Conching has the best sisig in the area. I can eat a whole to-go plate of it. Let me know if you find a place that has better sisig. They also have the best sinigang...ok and also best halo-halo with ice cream.


ooh oily bittermelon not good...glad you still like rice though :)


Hi TFD - You didn't? Conching has my favorite sisig down here as well...... I actually thought that the sinigang at PP was better. Funny, I thought you've been reading forever....did PP back in 2006.

Hi Kat - Yeah, the ampalaya was pretty unpleasant.


I started reading 3 years ago I think.

Oh, may I also add, I think Conching and Valerio's have the best turon.
How come you don't post about the squid dish?


Hi Tammy - Can't eat turon from anywhere in SD. My friends Mom used to make it, and it's much better than any of the greasy stuff yoiu get here. As for Adobong Pusit, which i believe is the squid dish you're referring to (?). I've never found a decent version here.... so I've quit trying. Most places don't know how to prepare squid here, and I'm kinda picky. You'll notice that I almost never order it from a restaurant in San Diego.

Hannah J

wow.. that first plate of chicken katsu looks so mouthwatering. I bet I'd like that gravy. mm, how can someone not understand the allure of soggy fried chicken?? it's the best! haha.


LOL Hannah! I agree. I hope things are going well for you!


Hi Kirk! Been reading faithfully, but to lazy to comment. Truly enjoyed your vacation photos. I'll never get tired of rice, it sustains me :o) !


hi kirk - too bad about the ampalaya. that's one of my favorite dishes (the one you had) - normally i eat it in pinakbet. i've had adobong pusit at a few places (jnc pinoy food mart and the now defunct lutong bahay) and liked it both times. and the sinigang had vinegar? ugh.


Hi AZ - LOL! I know rice sustains you..... that's why I mentioned it.

Hi CC - PPJ used to make pretty good sinigang.... so hopefully that was just an off day.

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