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Sunday, 26 June 2011



Hi Kirk, I like the hiyachu's in that order too. I need to go find some Liang Mian to try now!


I've never took a liking to hiyashi chuka. Don't know why...


Hi Dennis - You can check out Ba Ren's Sichuan Liang Mian, it's my favorite.

Hi Nate - I enjoy Zaru Soba much more than Hiyashi Chuka.... but enjoy Chinese cold noodles even more.


MMM! I enjoyed the Yakyudori version of hiyashi last year. The tomatoes were a surprise (and whole, on my plate) and added to the other flavors. I think I know what I want for lunch...


Hi Kirk, I agree the version at yakyudori is my favorite as well, although way too big a serving for something that doesn't save well =) hmmm...maybe I should make hiyashi chuka ramen for dinner tonight. yum!

ed (from Yuma)

I've only had the version from Sakura. The Yakyudori hayashi looks great.


love hiyashi chuuka, too bad that last version was mushy.


Cool, thanks for the review! I was just at Yakyudori a week ago and saw this dish posted as a special. I commented to my wife that she should try this since she likes cold noodle dishes. We'll give it a try next time.


KoonThai is now open. Ms.PedMa has been 3 times now, pretty authentic. Had moo ping, boat noodle, fish ball noodle, sukiyaki, they have some good stuff on the menu. Ask for Pom and say Cookie sent you!

Don't know if you got the 1st one so I reposted. They also have sen mee, sen yai, and sen lek noodle sizes.


Hi Cathy - It was the best of the three I tried!

I hope you did Lynnea!

Hi Ed - Much like their ramen, the Hiyashi from Sakura fell short.

Hi Kat - Yes, it was kinda sad since Sakura is one of my favorite restaurants.

Hi Jason - I still prefer Liang Mian, but the HC is refreshing on a hot day.

Hi PedMa - Yes, I saw your previous ocmment.... a post is upcoming!


I guess Mrs. Z and I will be visiting Yakudori for hiyashi chuka next month! I enjoy the hiyashi from Chopstix. I've tried it from Tajima and it had a strange metallic flavor to it.


Ka poon krab....hope you got Pom and tell her Ped Ped ma, na krab!

Glad to see you are doing well, Missus and I back from french polynesia and need some spice!

Also, for what it is worth, Lanna Thai has the best Sarong Hai so far, nice medium rare grill (asked how you like, plus tell them Miss Cookie sent you aka Ms. PedMa, hahaha)

Ciao! Hope to see you soon!



Hi Fred - A lot of stuff from Tajima has that artifical metallic "twang" to it. It makes me wonder.....

Hi PedMa - You've got me craving some crying tiger....


summer has finally made an appearance up here and hiyashi noodles sound so good. It's one of those dishes I forget about and hot ramen is the last thing on my mind in hot weather... a welcome reminder about the cold noodle genre in general!


Hi FH - Hiyashi Chuka kinda slips my mind too until I see it on a menu!


I woke up today and just knew it was a hiyashi chuka kinda I thought "WHO would know where to find the best one??"
Yakyudori must've read this review because the chashu was just slightly warmed up. Just what I was craving!


Hi Jenne - Man, with the impending hot weather headed our way....I guess I'll be looking for hiyashi chuka as well!

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