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Tuesday, 17 May 2011



The eggs look perfectly poached and oh that gravy on the open faced turkey sandwich and mash...I can go for that right now.


The hot turkey sandwich looks so good! I rarely go to diners, but this will be a good motivation. Was the gravy powdered/canned? I hate whenever places call their gravy homemade when they're clearly not.

Beyond Timid

The restaurant looks very nice and classy. I like the menu outside as well. It's confusing when you have to wait in line and stare at the menu above the cashier.


Wow I never knew Perry's had a second location. But without the Walkman chef guy it just wouldn't feel the same for me... ;) Must try this place one day though.


Haven't had a hot turkey sandwich in years and years! Good memories, gotta try to find a place or make it myself!


Breakfasts here are done especially well, Carol.
The gravy has turkey flavor, but not turkey bits, ChristineT. It doesn't taste like how I make it from scratch, so probably canned. If you want all sauces (salad dressings, etc) made in house, try Troy's Family Restaurant, in Clairmont Square.
Yes, sometimes I feel pressure when confronted with an overhead menu, BT. I have never really made a decision at Jamba Juice, to this day! There isn't anything there I don't want but I never have ordered something I really wanted.
Yes, we have lots of interesting places out here, Dennis. I have been wanting to do the "East County" versions of a few places for a few years and am getting around to it.
Oh Nate, yes, either find it or make it. So simple and such a memory trigger, even vicariously.

Lin critic

My new to the area , but I can't believe some of these restaurant , just don't care about how there place is.
You don't have to spend a lot to make a place feel up dated.put a little effort in your place.
Make some changes.

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