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Tuesday, 31 May 2011



I'm glad you both went to check out that cistern! amazing!


We're glad too Kat!

Bruce T

Great photos and description of the cistern! There are at least 2 other giant Medusa heads elsewhere in Istanbul. One of them is in the archaeological museum next to the Topkapi Palace -- we got a great photo of our kid standing next to it. That one is right-side-up, but despite that, she didn't manage to turn anybody to stone. I forget where the other one is.


Hi Bruce - We ran out of time and didn't make it to the museum..... I heard that they have the frescos from the Great Palace there.


Either the angle of the photo is playing tricks with size or your Missus has very small hands or that piece of bread was the size of Texas....holy schmoly!

The cistern looks like a place Husband and I would love to site-see in. Medusa's head...whoa!


Hi Rosa - The Missus does have small hands.... but I do think it's the angle. That bread was pretty big though!

da kine

Hi kirk, I believe that they used this locale for a spot in last years "bachelor" show, they set up a picnic ontop of the walkway. It really is amazing how advanced this culture was, in both artistic and engineering acomplishments. What a wondrous experience it must of been for you both.


Hi dk - The Basilica Cistern has a certain mysteriousness to it that makes it a great visit!

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