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Thursday, 19 May 2011



great start despite the food, can't wait to hear/see more.


40 years ago when I was studying architecture I knew the structure as Santa Sophia.


Thanks Kat!

Hi Nate - If I recall, that's what it is still called in Latin.


Awesome, can't wait to hear more. I love comparing your impressions of a place to my own.

ed (from Yuma)

As always, I like traveling with you to places I will probably never go. A couple of side notes:

When tulips were introduced into Holland, they led to one of the first speculative bubbles on record. People were trading in things like tulip futures etc until the bubble burst, impoverishing those who bought late.

Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) is based on the biblical book of Proverbs (See 3:13-17 and chapters 8 and 9). Interestingly, Holy Wisdom is female. Allegedly, Justinian named the church Hagia Sophia to honor his wife Theodora (who by some people's accounts actually was running things). For a sixth century scandalous look at the couple read Procopius "Secret History." I was shocked!! Now back to eating.


So far, your pictures make me think that all of turkey was just stunningly beautiful. I'm excited to see more of them and read about all the good things you ate(minus the first meal =)).


Hi Jason - I'm glad you enjoy these posts!

Hi Ed - There's just so much history.....

Hi Lynnea - Much of Turkey and Crete is very beautiful!


Lucky you! this are awesome pictures... must have been an awesome trip too


Hi Ron - This was one trip that we didn't want to end.


Istanbul was once Constantinople...
Definitely on my list of cities to visit....

When we were in Casablanca, we heard the call to prayer and the Medina emptied in no time. It was quite an experience.


Hi Rosa - Yes, that's true, and Hagia Sofia was once considered the greatest cathedral in the entire world.

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