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Friday, 13 May 2011



(emits high pitched fangirl scream!) OMG! TOKIDOKI!!!! must go to Yogurtland for those cups!spy Donutella, Adios Star, and Ciao Ciao! i wonder if i can get an extra cup there?

nice spread of snacks for your and your friends!

food is a great way to share culture (whether it's your own or not).


That Open Face is calling out to me!

ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. It's so great sharing food with friends -- particularly if they are sharing their food.

I am a little weirded out, though, by the heart and crossbones logo on the yogurt container. Kindof a mixed message for me.

Food detective

That coffee looks good. There is this chocolate that I got from my friend who went to France. The label is 1882 or 1892? It's really good with coffee.


I knew you'd notice the Tokidoki, cc!
The Mister and I eat open face sandwiches only, Nate. It seems fancy, even just for lunch at home...
It was a Tokidoki October/Halloween theme for their figures, ed. Old photo from last year.
The coffee is made pretty and is really good, FD. 1882 is a very popular brand in France, Italy and London.


hi c - so after lunch, i got those it's it ice creams at vons. one cappucine and one mint. on the bottom like u said they would be.

also went to the nearby yogurtland. the nice gentleman working there said the tokidoki was promo only last fall, but he did however have 2 tokidoki shirts leftover that he could sell to me. it has the character donutella holding a yogurt with the yogurtland logo (you can see her on the side of the cup). so cute! so of course, i bought both of them (one for me and one for tc). the dude was probably glad to get them off his hands.

hi ed - the heart and crossbones is the 'tokidoki' logo. it's a japanese inspired brand by an italian, simon legno. his designs are on shirts, purses, shoes, etc. fyi. :)


So glad you found the "It's It" ice creams, cc. I will be on the lookout for Tokidoki paraphernalia from now on, and am so happy you found something at Yogurtland. I'm learning more about Tokidoki every day.


I have those Tokidoki spoons from a Yogurtland visit (Irvine store) from a couple of years ago. I don't know if there's a way to find out when they do the promotion.


I'll be on the lookout. There are a lot of Yogurtland locations. Caninecologne was fortunate to find the two tshirts at the SDSU location.

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