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Monday, 23 May 2011



Hi Kirk, I visited right when they opened and had very soggy uninspiring banh mi right at the store even. I'm glad to hear they've improved some how conveniently they're located. :)


yeah banh mi :)


Hi Dennis - You should compare them to their other locations...... I think they're still lagging behind a bit.

Hi Kat - It seems a little cold for Banh Mi here right now, but I had to check it out.


Hi Kirk! I've had the BBQ pork and the BBQ short ribs rice platter at the MM location. They were okay but nothing to rave about.


Hi Kirk only other been to is one off ECB (by Pho Ca Dao) which isn't my favorite by far but here they didn't even bother toasting the bread on my sandwiches both times. :(


Hi Carol - That's what I thought.... I've never seen anyone eating them.

Hi Dennis - When you get a warm fresh baguette from CBE it's much better then the stuff that's delivered from either Le Chef or Paris Bakery.... It's about as close to what we had in VN then anyplace else in San Diego.


Hi Kirk -
I've had the BBQ short ribs from the MM location as well, I thought they were okay. I also like the meat pastry thing that I keep forgetting the name of...


Hi Mary - Thanks for confirming that the plates aren't really worth it. Were you thinking of Pate Chaud???


We live in MN and constantly craving banh mi from Cali baguette. The bun rieu is delicious as well. Wished we could get good Vietnamese food in MN.


Hi Teresa - OK, maybe I need to try the Bun Rieu.... thanks for taking the time out to comment!

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