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Saturday, 16 April 2011



Love the pics of both the pups AND food! I've tried Fresh Uni once - from the Little Italy Farmer's market where they give you live uni and you take it home to extract the uni itself (they show you how to do it at the FM) . Not sure why but I didn't get the 'bliss' feeling that everyone always describes when eating good uni. Can you explain what it's supposed to taste like?

Have a safe vacation :)


Sammy's expression is priceless! Have a safe trip guys!


Hi Faye - It's like custard of the see.... very luxurious.....

Hi Dennis - Thanks!


hi kirk - awwww, your dogs are so cute!!!!

have a fun trip! can't wait to read about it!


Hi CC - They are just spoiled.... they're favorite "uncle" is watching them when we're gone, so they'll be a bit heavier when we return....hopefully, so will we!


aw they look so cute! have fun on your trip! can't wait to hear all about it.


Yukhoe - are you coming my way (i.e., to Korea) by any chance? If you are, then do let me know!



Enjoy yor vacation. Where are you off to?


love the little doggy costumes! so cute =) have lots of fun! can't wait to read your vacation posts.

The Food Detective

Sammy's pic=picture of the year! Your dogs do not act like dogs...more like humans sometimes. Have a safe trip and bring back some memories!


Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi ED - If I were, I'd have already told you! ;o)

Hey Reid, It's so nice to hear from you. You'll have to keep on reading to find out.

Hi Lynnea - Sammy obviously didn't think so!

Hi TFD - Yes, Sammy wasn't amused at all......


I love those pictures of Da Boys! Have a terrific vacation and looking forward to Cathy's posts.


Thanks Carol!


Another vacation? It seems like you are still blogging about your last one! ;) I wish Husband and I could take regular vacations...

Hahaaha, I like to dress my fur-children up too and they have the same dejected and embarrassed looks on their faces. Oh the things we do...

Hrm...I'm curious where you're off to this time

Wandering Chopsticks

Have a safe trip Kirk & the missus! I'd say fun, but I know you always have fun. Can't wait to read about where you went.

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