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Monday, 18 April 2011



Hi Cathy! I love this place : take my 3yo nephew there b/c it's fast, fresh, and easy. I get their flatbread/soup combo and I think the price is pretty fair. Their mushroom/sausage flatbread is amazing. We love the cracker-ness of the crust :)

BUT, you MUST try their apple cinnamon flatbread!!!!!! OMG!!! TO DIE FOR!!! (Get the ice cream on the side so it doesn't sog up the flatbread). Served PIPING HOT right outta the oven and it was simply AMAZING. My nephew and I were doing the happy dance while eating this dessert.

Nice post :)


The flatbreads look so good! We go to that TJ every now and but I think I just never looked passed it to see this place. I'll have to pop in the next time I'm in that mall.

The Food Detective

I'm glad you blogged about this place. Walked by a couple of times but thought it was another one of those "pizza" joint. Flatbread looks huge!

There's a pub/bar down the strip that I want to try. I was spying on someone's fries and it looked good!


I had pizza type toppings for my flatbread, so it was kind of like what my husband refers to as cardboard pizza. The combo with the soup or salad is good, and so is the price.

It's a good addition to the neighborhood.


Hello again, Faye! I signed up for the e-club online and got a coupon for the apple cinnamon dessert...but the coupon was only good for two weeks and I missed getting it free, however will definitely try it next time.

Stand at the TJ front door, looking into the parking lot, Carol...all the way across the parking lot, the left corner of that strip of try it, even for a quick snack.

Hi TFD! It's healthier than a pizza, crispy and not chewy. Plus, you control the toppings. Brewski's will be a post while Kirk is on vacation.

It does look like a pizza, Sandy. I want to try the sausage and marinara sauce...but not together, if that makes sense. I have been playing with the different flavor combinations I can satisfy when I have a craving...Italian, Mediterranean, a BLT...


The first flatbread you tried is making me drool (minus the steak part), especially the hummus and goat cheese! It's too bad they took the hummus off the menu. Thanks for the tip about the apple cinnamon flatbread coupon when you sign up for their e-club! I can't wait to try them out.


I actually went to Stone Flat last night to get their Cinna-Flat and got an e-club # to input. But when I registered online today, it didn't give me any free dessert :(

Did you get yours pretty fast? The girl last night said that if i sign up, I automatically get 25 pts? I'd rather get a Cinna-Flat thou :)


I would hope they kept the hummus also, Alyssa. I liked that flavor profile for a flatbread. Really you can personalize to whatever flavor/ethnicity you want the day you drop by here. The Goat cheese is wonderfully tangy; there just isn't that option most anywhere.

Cool that you went last night, specifically for dessert, Faye. More fun and different than other sweets/desserts. There are no rules, are there? When I signed up for the eClub, it took a day or two for the confirmation and coupon to arrive.

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