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Sunday, 10 April 2011



oh my what a medical experience!


yeesh! i can't imagine the pain you went through while doing all that walking!!!!

btw, what were those "pig" things? (cute) and the vegetables in the buckets? what was that for?


Hi Kirk, I remember you telling me about the gout incident during our meal at Que Huong. What a story! And can't wait to hear about Kilimanjaro one of these days. :)


Wow - how awful to have a bad foot like that in another country ! I can ONLY imagine the smirk on your PCP's face when he made the hemorrhoids comment :)

What are those cute little piglet things? Is that mantou?


I'm trying to think of a witty comment concerning a foot up you-know-where but I'm drawing a blank...

I have to know what those piggy steamed buns are! They are almost too adorable to eat.


Hi Kirk,

Longtime lurker and gout sufferer here.

You might be interested to know that you can handle the gout issue w/out the heavy drugs.

An herbalist in Portland gave me a dose of tea that was then followed by a regimen of tumeric, vitamin c, and a whole host of foods containing antioxidants. It took 3 months of occasional attacks before the gout subsided. It has been a year since my last flare up.


Me too! I want to know what the little piggies are! hopefully you were still able to enjoy the rest of the vacation, despite the pain.

Jeff C

Awesome post Kirk, just think what your medical experience would have been like without the Missus. Thank goodness you had your wife with you to check up on things.


Hi Kat - It was interesting to say the least.

Hi CC - Those were pork filled buns.

Hi Dennis - Kiliminjaro........ boy that's going to be a tough one.

Hi Faye - Those piggie's are pork filled mantou.

Hi Rosa - What, you can't come up with anything witty? Now, I seen it all! ;o)

Hi Mark - Welcome, and thanks so much for sharing.

Hi Lynnea - We still had a great time.

Hi Jeff - It would have been even more strange......

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