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Monday, 04 April 2011



ah love these posts!


hi kirk, omg, i was just at mariscos el prieto YESTERDAY and haven't posted it yet! one of my co-workers recommended this place. i just had the fish taco - and Dennis had the shrimp taco for 2.00. i'm sure he will post his pix eventually as well.

that strawberry field has been there forever! there used to be a horse statue across the street at the mexican nightclub (on the border) but they took it out because everyone was always spraypainting its "cojones" (the horse was raised on its hind legs). thought i'd throw that bit of trivia in there! ha ha.


oh yeah, instead of a "hey", i got "Young lady!" even though the girl wrote my name down, i'm sure she spelled it wrong and/or couldn't pronounce it.


Hi Kirk, as CC mentioned we visited the El Prieto truck yesterday! I enjoyed my shrimp taco which was the first time I had a battered kind. There was one guy that ordered an extra large shrimp coctel and it came in a slurpy cup! Looked great.


Thanks Kat!

Hey CC - That fish taco was good for just a buck.

Hi Dennis - Yeah, I need to go back and check other things out. I heard the aguachile from El Paisa is quite good.

ed (from Yuma)

Good post. Love mariscos trucks.

Strawberry Field Forever. Thanks for the flashback, ms. cologne.

Yeh, Kirk, I've wondered about MA too. I love some of his posts on Mexican neuva cocina.


Interesting that you say that the fish taco was a little dry.

I have gone here about 20 times and the first 16 were always perfect, moist and crispy fish tacos.

The last 4 times maybe 2 of them the ends of the fish were a little over cooked but still good.

Overall 18 out of 20 times with it being moist and crispy I will take it!


Hi Ed - Thanks!

Hi Buddha - I liked the fish taco; except as you can tell by that photo, it's kinda dry,you can click to enlarge it. It ain't the end either. Still, it's pretty good.


Hey Kirk,

Boy am I missing out on a lot I will need to back track. This is like the only way I can keep in touch with Ca. I really miss me some fish tacos. Heck I miss me all the So. Cal grub when I read your blog.


Hi Bill - We missed you! I was just going to send out a search party! ;o)


One of my favorite memories from my junior year of high school was helping the muralist Salvador Torres (founding chicano artist and also my friend's grandpa) create the cactus garden at Chicano Park.

We would come down to his dingy little storage garage in Otay Mesa (which in itself was neat, because it was all of this history of the Chicano movement in San Diego and Los Angeles) and spend hours hauling canvas upon canvas out of his garage and loading tools into the car for him. Afterwards we would drive on down the street to Mariscos El Prieto and he would buy us all tacos de pulpo which were, by far, the best we had ever eaten.

Thanks for posting this, I never remembered the name but I would recognize that tarp anywhere.

Really good memories.

Ian, 18, Santee


Hi Ian - Thanks so much for sharing such a nice story!

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