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Monday, 11 April 2011



Great looking spread Kirk! I heard once the meat of female octopus are much more tender than males. And that you can distinguish the sexes by observing their suckers - uniform size and placement suckers = female. Random mix of large and small size suckers = male. I Can't seem to confirm it anywhere on the net though.


that tako looked good!


Hi Dennis - You should check this place out. I'm surprised CC didn't take you here.

Hi Kat - Yes, on that occasion it was!

ed (from Yuma)

Amazing looking stuff. Pescado zarandeado is one of my favs. And the pulpo looked good enough to eat.


Wow those langostinos look tasty. I've been running down to CV on business lately and looking for places to eat so this is perfect. Tried Los Arcos (good ceviche) just last weekend and stumbled onto a Pho Convoy so far.


Hi Ed - That pulpo has become a favorite of the Missus

Hi MikeW - Los Arcos is pretty good as was Hector's during my one visit a couple of years back. Enjoy your explorations!


Aguachile - is that raw shrimp w/ some sort of tomatillo sauce on top? Looks really good! Is there a restaurant like this in North County you could recommend?


I would like to have that octopus over for dinner sometime. I'm thinking a nice Chiante, with some savory pinto beans (light on the cumin) Tsut-sut-sut-sut-sut-sut-su


Hi Faye - Yes, basically aguachile is raw shrimp (I've also seen scallops) in a spicy, citrus marinade. Actually, my favorite versions are from the Mariscos German truck. There are tons of Mariscos Restaurants in Escondido and the like, but I haven't been to any of them so I have to apologize and say I can't make a recommendation.

Hi Chris - Fava beans too expensive?? he-he-he.... ;o)

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