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Monday, 25 April 2011



Oh wow! Why can't they have something like that in North County (or is there? if there is - please let me know!). I love the way the vegetables are all stacked beautifully and organized.

The place reminds me of a very AFFORDABLE Whole Foods market :)

And the flat bread...come on! Looks amazing. Do they also have the babaganoush (the eggplant dip)?

Do you think it's worth the drive from North County to visit this place? With gas being so expensive and all :( I'd have to calculate the money saved on groceries but then blown on the hot foods!

Wonderful post - thank you!


Thanks for the tip. We live in EC so I'll check it out on my next shopping trip. I'd probably buy my middle eastern stuff at one of the local Iraqui markets but if I can get fresh tortillas, I'll be a happy guy.....


The 'gourmet' market I would recommend in North County is Major Market, in Escondido, Faye. The 'fancy yet inexpensive' Mexican Market I choose is Northgate Gonzalez, in National City (805 at 43rd Street exit) and the Mediterranean Market I would (and have) driven out of the way for is Wholesome Choice. In San Diego, Balboa International Market would be a bit closer for you than Kaelin's, unless you are going to try Sultan, which Kirk had been going to on a regular basis before His vacation; Kaelin's is not even a mile away, and just a right turn out of the Sultan parking lot.

Kaelin's is a good place for a lot of interesting items, ken. Pick up one kebab just for the heck of it...


hi cathy - what an awesome place! i love the stacked vegetables and how cheap the taco are! the mulitas at Tacos el Poblano are $4! twice as much! boo! there are a lot of good Mexican markets down here in Chula Vista and the North Park produce near us is pretty good but nowhere as nice as Kaelin's (especially with the fresh foods). I like going to the new Seafood City in Chula Vista. :)


Thanks so much for this - a friend of mine just mentioned this place to me when I was describing my first visit to Pancho Villa's over the weekend. Can't wait to try it! I had heard Northgate was going to open where the Kmart is at 54th & University but haven't heard anything about that in a while.


Hi cc. Kaelin's is a good little neighborhood place where we can get a bite to eat, then go shopping. I saw your adventures with Dennis on His blog and reminded myself that Seafood City is close enough that it should be one of our Market choices too. Lately, we've been doing 'pick a market' for our weekly shopping, supplementing with Henry's and Vons sale items only.
Oh gosh, we like Pancho Villa also, James. So many good markets around here. I wanted to post on Kaelin's because I ran into bunches of people who had given up on it, and really, it is again a good little place to shop in East County. If that K-Mart turns into a Northgate, it will be even closer for me! Seems like the right size.


hi cathy - i love going to diff't ethnic markets and i should really check out all of the mediterranean ones you recommend since that is a culture/cuisine i am not so familiar with. it's always fun finding new things and trying them out.

there is a seafood city closer to you than chula vista (the one in mira mesa) but the one down here is nicer and newer.


The second largest Iraqui population in the US resides in El Cajon, cc. The Markets out here are filling a need for the people wanting a bit of 'home' and so the authenticity and quality of ingredients is here. I also think the cuisine is very healthy in addition to being tasty. We have shopped at SC (I even did a post about Chow King) but not as of our 'resolutions' this year has been to pick a different ethnic market a week and buy mostly sale items and make meals...



Checked out the market. Mind blowing. Betters Intl Market and Grill on Balboa for some things.

Here is our experience at the grill. It seems the grill man is a bit of a tortured genius, very volatile. The counter man told us he raises prices if he is in a bad mood, and sometimes tells customers he is too busy, come back...another day.

Well we put in an order for the 4 skewar combo...since they were out of meat, the grill man threw a bit of tantrum, but was talked into completing our order. He went to the meat dept, cut our stuff fresh and marinated on the spot, then..about 30 minutes later we got served. In the mean time, my wife was about to drop so we ordered her a cabeza taco for a buck...mmmmm...exceptionally good.

We were a bit perturbed about all the goings on with the Iraqi portion of the order...but when it came....OMG..

It was.....not of this earth...the marination was of the gods, the mean and chicken was tender and juicey, and the bread was out of this world.


So glad you enjoyed the kabobs and the market, Funkman. Love your description- tortured genius... I think the 'food court' area had days when people only bought tacos and not kabobs and they cut back on pre-making so as to not have waste. Not only are the prices right, but the flavor and quality is there. So glad you tried it- and welcome to the commenting side of our blog!


I really like this place, because you guys have a fresh food!!! But let me share a bad experience, I feel so sad, because
tonight (6-18-2011) I went to buy some beef at the Kaelin's carniceria, whoever, this guy Rafael Rodriguez who served my order, was so mean, he asked me in a bad mood if I was ready to order or if I m gonna take 30 minutes to order. I was like, I can't believe it. I told him that he never greeted me and he never asked me "what can I get for you or what are you get tonight??", I asked him if he was mad or what? he said no, but I really was so mad because this guy works there to offer a good customer service and he didn't.


nice mix of mexican and middle eastern. i'll definitely try it the next time i'm in el cajon. the foodland market in el cajon makes some of the best fish ceviche i've had. all of the IGA markets seem to be clean and well-run.


Oh yes, do stopat Kaelin's, caligirl; it's really nice. I did a post on Foodland in 2008 and still do shop there; it's great!


wow, has it been over a year already? tried kaelin's last year and it is one of my favorite grocery stores. thank you for the tip!


So nice of you to follow up, caligirl. We're at Kaelins at least twice a month, with lunch in the 'food court' area first. It's a great place.

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