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Friday, 08 April 2011



The fried chicken looks great but smothered sounds even better.


those collard greens have my mouth watering. yum!

The Food Detective

Welcome to my 'hood.

Did you notice the new Popeye's?


hey kirk - omg, u totally dug up an ancient post of mine! i want to go here again and also try that annie belle's place! O_o


The Smothered pork chops are a little piece of heaven there, I love them and get them every time I go there. Best sides I found were collards and the mac and cheese - yams were good too. Been too long since I've been there


Collared greens and potatoes with gravy are my idea of heaven!! yum!


What is the chicken smothered in? It was funny that you mentioned this place was filled with Asians. I was at Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken in Culver City recently and that place was also filled with Asians. We do love our fried chicken, I guess... :)


ack! I "need" some fried chicken for lunch now :0

Hannah J

MMM... My favorite... I love Bonnie Jean's SO MUCH!! :D Have you tried their sweet potatoes? My soul literally escaped from my body and echoed the glorious chorus of angels thats surrounded me. Yeah. They were so good.


Hi Carol - Yes....smothered!

Hi Lynnea - The collards were wonderful.

Hi TFD - Yes, you really can't miss it.

Hi CC - You should check out Annie Belle's, though I prefer Bonnie Jean's.

Hi Loren - So far, they've got my favorite collards.

Hi Jayne - Sounds a lot likev heaven to me too.

Gravy Rosa..... Gravy!

Hi Kat - I hope you got some.

Hi Hannah - Oh my. Yoso - Poetic! ;o)

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