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Friday, 22 April 2011


ed (from Yuma)

Great post. I have never cooked with either main ingredient. Cardoons were common at Farmers' Mkts in Monterey, but I had no idea how to cook. I've never even noticed the almonds. Thanks for expanding my horizons!!


Two items I've never heard of although I think I've seen cardoons before. The fuzzy almonds kind of look like pistachios in the one picture.


Wow looks great! I just seen those green almonds at Parsian Market the other day. Didn't know you can eat them this way.


Cardoons do have to be cooked (don't eat raw), ed. The flavor is amazing. A few years ago we asked someone about the almonds and, knowing they were a 'delicacy' and 'rare', acquired an appreciation for them. I love to share, especially when the subject is food.

Up close and in person, the almonds are much larger than a pistachio, Carol. These young ones don't taste nutty or like a raw almond.

Grab some while you can, Dennis. Really, they will be gone!


hi cathy - i've seen green almonds at north park produce (chula vista location) but never bought them since i wasn't sure how to cook them or eat them. now i now. that's interesting how you can eat them skin and all. very informative post.

as for the cardoons, i've seen them occasionally but never bought them (same reason as above).


great post in that it seems cardoons have that artichoke taste without that artichoke heart price!!! I think I will try this out


I LOVE the Chula Vista location of NPP, cc!!! Happened to be there just last week and grabbed some of the almonds. The Mister and I see ingredients and know others are buying them and either ask people or just buy and then research...A strange habit, I suppose, but we could do worse...

I saw one Produce Counter where they were labeled "cardone", Chris. The photo is pretty looks like an old head of celery, but is heavier. An excellent substitute for the flavor.


I'm going around the corner to Vine Ripe to buy both items tomorrow. Yum!

Blind Lady Alehouse occasionally has an amazing pizza featuring cardoons, speck, and pistachios. If you're a fan of the cardoon, you'd be doing yourself a great disservice not to give it a shot sometime!


Welcome to our blog, Chris. When The Mister and I went to Vine Ripe, on Wednesday, there were about two dozen cardoons in the bin and on Friday afternoon, there were only two! I hope they get/got more delivered. The almond bin was very full, though. We like BLAH when it isn't too crowded and will try that pizza next time.

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