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Wednesday, 06 April 2011



wow that menu does look full!

Jeff C

San Diego Sichuan cuisine seems to be expanding a lot.
I love tea smoked duck.


Thanks for the post! I just visited it few days ago for the late night specials and ordered all Sichuen dishes. Next time will definitely try the Jiangsu specialties you mentioned.


Hi Kat - There are over 180 items on the "menu" and stuff posted on the wall!

Hi Jeffrey - It's nice to hear from you, I hope all is well. This place used to make decent Tea Smoked Duck.... but not anymore!

Hi Jess - I'm thinking that some of the Northern dishes may be better than the Sichuan.


Am i the 'Faye' you are referring to?! All you can eat hot pot sounds really good right now - do you think they flavor their broth like Little Sheep?

I drove by this place just two weeks ago and it was empty (early evening). I think I might have seen sign that there was new managements? But the menu does look quite extensive and definitely worth a look and a try.

Thanks for the post!

(I also look for spelling errors in any Chinese menu - the worst I saw was HUMAN beef - I'm pretty sure they meant to say Hunan )


Hi Faye - Yes, it is you who I thought of as soon as I saw the special! If you try it out, let me know what you think!


They are also one of the only places that is open late. I agree that the sichuan things have gone downhill but they don't really have a sichuan chef anymore. I'll try some of the things you recommended next time. Their weekend northern Chinese also doesn't quite reach Chins. They do have this Leek with smoke pork dish that i like.


My mouth starts watering seeing all those spicy dishes....


Hi Eileen - These were ok as a whole.

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