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Sunday, 03 April 2011



I just went to Tan Ky Mi Gia for the first time, today, based on all your previous posts. (and of course, I had to try the Beef Sate w/Egg Noodle - dry.) ;)

Was less impressed with the fried rice cakes appetizer though - the rice cakes were a little overdone, and the eggs a little underdone. It also seemed a bit bland, even with the sauce. (but perhaps the beef sate blew out my taste buds)


these look good, but I still miss cake noodle.


that batter really does look light and crispy on the shrimp. Hard to not order something so tasty looking as that.


Hi Hao - Yeah, you need to pick and choose when it comes to many of these Mi places. Not everything is good.

Hi Kat - There's nothing like cake noodle here on the mainland. I've given up looking.

Hi Lynnea - It sure is hard for the Missus to resist.


I'll have to stop by the New Mandarin Canton Chinese Restaurant next time I'm down there (which is rare these days). But I certainly would make a trip just for those wings! I chuckled at the you look Chinese and the Missus looks Filipino!


Hi Carol - Those wings were better than before IMO. Hopefully you'll have the same experience.


I gotta ask, is there a good "crack wing" recipe out there? I have started cooking more, including homemade lechon kawali and have thought about doing some frying. Any suggestions would be appretiated


Hey RCLC - I hope you find a good of these days, i'll try to tackle it myself.....the problem being, I don't keep MSG at home! ;o)

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