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Tuesday, 01 March 2011



that is RED! glad the food made up for the service.


Wow, I'm surprised the fish wasn't too sweet! Loved the front view, he he..


Hi Kat - The food was good....too bad the service was really bad.

Hi Dennis - If you're interested, there are places that make that dish.... though not as well in the SGV.


That's funny, we also noticed the lack of service in china. One of our theories was that it was due to the political ideology of the country, where there wasn't much incentive to excel for a tip. Our other theory was that these were just uninspired kids who were just looking for some quick bucks before they moved onto another job. I suppose one theory is more profound than the other... oh well.


I should add that we also found it funny that when we went to some of the nicer restaurants in Shanghai, the opposite was true. It was like service overload. You had just groups of servers just standing there waiting for something to do, you sneeze and someone is there to wipe your nose.

Hangzhou Hero

So a major reason that service has gotten progressively shoddy is for a few reasons that my relatives told me while I was there:
One is, as Jason and you suspected, there's little incentive. The general attitude of any customer in China is generally ungrateful and so service also reflects this-- not much is there to keep someone going.
But take for instance, Japan, where there's no tipping at all in any restaurant yet service is impeccable. Why is that?
Again, a certain amount of it has to do with the type of people that work there. A lot of people in any one region are not actual denizens of that region and are there maybe for college or just for work, but not to an extent where they need that job. So the younger waiters and waitresses generally don't give a flying crap about you, the city, the province, or anything really... and are there for the buck. If there's no pride in the work then they obviously don't care. People generally don't get fired because as you might have noticed there aren't many managers and such roaming about for quality control, or even much of a "head" waiter or waitress to lead the pack. Lack of accountability and professional standards leads to laziness.
It's something that has grown increasingly worse because at least before the waiters and waitresses didn't complain openly in front of you, bad service or not. Now they make their apathy and disgust so clear that it ruins the food experience a lot of the time, and because there's so many people in China, generally the restaurant won't be short of customers anyway so no one, not even the customers, try to get this corrected.


the bright colors of the food match the bright and crazy exterior. So fun! it would be hard to not want to go, too bad about the servers though.


Hi Jason - We actually found one restaurant in Nanjing where we really wanted to tip, but couldn't.

Hi HH - Thanks for dropping by again and commenting. One ongoing theme when we queried about really bad service/attitude/rudeness.... was the automatic response: "oh, it's because they are not from here!"

Hi Lynnea - It's pretty colorful, huh?

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