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Monday, 14 March 2011



"the restroom were pretty horrific, even by China standards"

That's saying a lot... a whole lot. *shudder*


the restrooms sound pretty nasty, dunno that I would have been able to use it at all...


what is that concept...."highway robbery?" seems like the TP vendor has a strong market there. I love lamb bone soup, but cucumber seems out of place to my western flavor profiles. I'm also somewhat wary of mushrooms if I'm not sure of their origin, but those left out sound like the cure for a rainy day!!!!!


A whole lot Jason..... double shudder!

Hi Kat - Ah strong bladder control.... best weapon against public restrooms in China!

Hi Chris - I dunno; I wouldn't have traded places with her. We loved the wild mushrooms in China.... in fact there are a whole bunch coming up!


Oooh, the wild mushrooms look yum!

"Vendor cat does not haggle..." Did you guys buy the cat with the silk? ;-)

Note to self: carry TP when in China. o_O


Hi Rosa - No we let the cat be, he looked perfectly happy and we didn't want to disturb. It's a good idea to bring TP whenever you travel to most countries outside the US.


How do they charge for their hot pot? I find it kinda ridiculous how Little Sheep charges $3.50pp (i think?) for their soup base. The lamb bone soup looks pretty substantial though!

On a cold rainy day here in SD, would you prefer Little SHeep or the Shabu House?

Nice post :)


Hi Faye - They do the same thing in China.... of course it's not aas expensive. As for LS vs SSH - which would you prefer, a broth or plain water with some kelp thrown in, then boiled (which you should never do with kombu)? I love good shabu shabu, but on my visits, they just don't do it right. (i.e. instant tsuyu, etc.) But perhaps it's time I check them out again.


cute kitty in the case! looks very healthy and happy! =)


Hi Lynnea - That is obviously the real owner of that shop!


hi kirk - "what a neat stuffed animal" :)

just curious, but what is that dish on the white plate (the pic before the sprouts)?


Hi CC - That's cellophane noodles! That "stuffed animal" made me jump when it moved!

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