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Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Once had a sashimi dinner in Seoul. It was farmed-raised tilapia! Very clean. First was served slices to eat wrapped with lettuce and kochujang sauce. Then a chigae (stew) was brought out made with the bones and heads of the tilapia. Hot, spicey and delicious!


Hi Nate - I hear ya', but it's hard to get past the stigma.... I know, I eat silkworm larvae, fish "poo", but tilapia makes me pause.


the first time hearing about tilapia on a food show I was like, no...these dishes look delicious!


The karaage turned out great- thanks to the double frying technique!!!!!

Looks like now time for some Kai yang, but something tells me that outdoor charcoal grilled thing has a lot to do with the flavor :(

(I don't have that)


We went a few weeks back and really enjoyed the boat noodles. However, the salad with seafood had waaaaaayyyy too much fish sauce. Had I been a snail, I would have been dead faster than if I'd been in a French kitchen.


I've been meaning to try this place out so thanks for posting this!

Do you know of a place that serves really good Panang Curry? I know it's silly but I usually go to Spices Thai for Panang curry b/c i haven't been able to find something as good (or fast) as theirs so far.

Have you tried Chedi Thai in LJ? It's actually quite good. They serve a really beautiful Chilean Seabass (and not Tilapia!) that's awesome


Hi Kat - Yeah.... it made me wince as well.

Hi Chris - Yes, over charcoal.....

Hi Jan - LOL!

Hi Faye - I've been there.... it seemed very Americanized. As for Panang Curry, I haven't found any place in San Diego that makes a great Thai curry of any kind.... but that's probably just me.


Egg plant dip. Wife and I couldn't figure out what that was. Thanks


Hi Mike - Someone requested a recipe; so I'll be posting that very soon!


Kirk, thanks for the review. I've been there a couple of times now and still can't put my finger on it. It's just not exactly there. I think in this next year we'll either see if they go more "Americanized" or more refined.


Using tilapia was tried in Hawaii some years back to market pond raised tilapia as sunfish - white or yellow, and supposedly clean, but it didn't last. Saw it mostly in Chinese restaurants.


yummy looking fish. I guess it can be hard to cook tilapia perfectly but one man's food is another man's garbage. I've heard stories of fishermen, back in the day, throwing away tuna belly!


Hi Roland - I agree, some of the dishes have that, "it's good, but something's missing...." thing.

Hi Nate -I remember that... it didn't last because folks still knew it was tilapia!

Hi Lynnea - In the beginning, maguro wasn't even considered fit for sushi. There are a couple of wonderful books about the history of how maguro became so much in demand! As for the one man's garbage.... think of lobster, folks used to thick of it as garbage!

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