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Tuesday, 29 March 2011





Boy, Because of this post, makes me really miss Maple Garden and Robert Tsu in Moiliili! Was the best Peking Duck in Honolulu IMHO. Like your place Tri-Village, you had to order it a day ahead. Brings back so many tasty memories.


Oh man - is there anything remotely close to what you had there in SD?! I went to Golden City the other night and had their duck - I think they said they get their duck from another vendor but crisps it up in their own restaurant?

So at Tri Village - would it be $28 if you didn't get the lettuce wraps?

Nice post - love the pics!


The duck skin pictures look so good. Time to make a trip to Irvine. Now if only the fiance ate duck.


Hi Kat - Yes, it was pretty good!

Hi Nate - This one was worth the drive.

Hi Faye - Actually the duck two ways, with bean sprouts and duck meat is $34.99. Nothing in San Diego is remotely close.

Hi Kirbie - You have to straighten that young man out..... not like duck? No way, it like hating rice! ;o)


yay! the missus got her duck! you had me on pins and needles there at the beginning of the post. I didn't know if it would turn out to be delicious or inedible.


Nothing in SD is remotely close? I'm sold. I'll have to drag the Mister for a road trip up to get some decent Peking Duck.


Cool! I'm glad it's still good. I got news that the owner changed since I had it, but it sounds like the chef remained the same. The soup and duck look pretty identical to what I had!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Sounds just like what Elmomonster wrote before! I'm going to put this onto my to-visit list for Irvine now....


Hi Lynnea - Yes, it turned out that duck was worth the drive!

Hi Carol - Nothing here is even close......

Hi Elmo - Yes, I heard that the folks from Chef Chen's took over. It was still pretty good, though.

Hi ETE - Elmo was pretty much dead on; I don't think that second dish is going to be too good, and the soup needs time.


I lived in Irvine for a year, and never knew about this restaurant! Gotta go visit now. The duck looks great. I love the fact that they brought the whole duck for the guests to inspect, unlike Duck House (and you don't even know if you get the whole duck or not). I'm going to have the duck, and did exactly what the missus did... requesting the duck bone to take home and make the soup myself! Woohoo~~~~


Hi Eileen - That duck was pretty good, best I've had since we returned from China! Yeah, take the bones home and make your own soup, it'll turn out better!

Peter C.

I was there last week the Duck is soooo good and delicious its well worth the money, you should try their beef with scallion #41 on the menu also steamed mini pork buns #85 they now have a new item is Sesame pizza it just $10.00 ea.You have to side order it, because it is not on the menu big enough for 4-5 people they have a lot new items not on the menu just ask the staff whats new and whats good they will tell you more about it, I also try their sea cucumber it was so good but little $$$ but they come a lot of high price combination seafood within the dishes anyway I think this is the best Chinese Cuisine in southern calif. Thanks.


Hi PeterC - That sounds like "Da Bing"..... have you tried China Islamic or other places that make it? I've been wondering how it compares.

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