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Wednesday, 23 March 2011



that is an incredible array of dishes! makes for a serious banquet.


Wow they do keep coming don't they! The third to the last tofu dish looks marvelous.


hope your foot is okay now. what an eating experience!


whoa, that's a lot of food!!!! what was that big round thing?


This. Looks. Legendary. The banquet at least. I'm not sure if that's applicable to the cliffhanger of your foot :) [or should it be a frowny face :( ]


Hi Lynnea - Yes, that's a major variety.

Hi Dennis - It was just meh.....

Hi Kat - It is... sort of.

Hi CC - You don't mean the soy sauce egg, do you?

LOL Cliff - I did survive after all.


the picture with the chicken wing looked like they scraped last nights banquet left overs into a single plate lol cherries, bitter melon and corn ... interesting combo


I think that's a great way to sample so many things but too bad all the bao/dumplings/etc. were cold.


Wow! That was alot of food! How was the zongzi?? Any suggestions on a place that serves them here in SD? It's been forever since I've had one.

Can't believe they served the baos/dumplings cold!!


That's too bad that not all the food was great. It looks like so much fun and so many dishes!


kirk - so that's what it was. thanks. it looked huge but i guess my sense of scale is all tweaked.


Is there a foot massage post coming up?

The soy sauce egg looked like an eggplant. I guess it was just an extreme close-up. So where did this snack banquet fall in the price?


I really love the idea of a snack banquet-- too bad the execution wasn't a little better


Reminds me of a korean meal in south korea, where the entire table is filled with banchan.


Hi Mike - Actually, there's a pretty famous Nanjing Wing Tip snack......

Hi Carol - It was too much mediocre stuff...

Hi Faye - No place for good zongzi in San Diego I'm afraid.

Hi Kirbie - It's fun concept.

Hi CC - I think it was the angle of my photo.

Hi Sandy - Sorry to say, a bit more than a foot massage......

Hi SK - It's food for the tourist masses with little quality control.

Hi Jason - That's a nice analogy....


I'm coming in after the fact, what happened to your foot? That sucks to be traveling with a foot problem... I love snacks and the idea of a banquet of snacks is irresistible! What was the price for all those dishes?


Hi FH - If I recall, less than $20 US, which is kinda pricey from China.... stay tuned for the foot update!

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