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Sunday, 13 March 2011



Hi Kirk, haha we must be on the same frequency this week. I checked out a couple of the lunch specials here, it's a small menu. The galbi hot pot was way too sweet for me and the meat chewy. The dinner menu looks much more interesting but too expensive for lunch. Loved the banchan though. Could you read what was offered for breakfast?


hope they can find a consistency that is good.


For the breakfast menu, they have:

-haejangguk: "hangover" soup
-patjuk: adzuki bean porridge
-bindaeddeok: ground mung bean pancake
-hobakjuk: pumpkin porridge
-sujeonggwa: sweet dried persimmon punch flavored with cinnamon
-jatjuk: pine nut and rice porridge
-shikhye: fermented rice punch

The bottom says: [halmeoni-ggeseo jikjeop mandeushyeosseoyo] 'Grandmother has personally made (these)'.


Hi Dennis - I see that Ed has you covered below.

Hi Kat - I hope so too!

Hi Ed - Thanks for the translation.


Was the red bean rice like Sekihan? It looks that way to me.


Hi Alan - It's very much like sekihan, but much darker.....

Tofu calories

Nice review. You didn't order any tofu dish unfortunately :) Maybe it would make the difference.


Hi TC - Actually, no. The English name is to get non-Koreans to try the food. The Korean name doesn't have "tofu" in it. Nor are the owners known for their tofu dishes.

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