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Wednesday, 09 March 2011



dunno but they all look fab from this side :)


#3 looks like Masa only because I feel theirs is too large like you say. (and not called karaage). I guess #1 is Sakura and #2 Yakitori-Y...can't wait to uncover the results and some great recommendations!


I think I've got this one..

I know my karaage! haha


D'oh sorry Kirk!!! should've read the last sentence.....


Hi Kat...... for some reason they do to me as well???

Hi Chris - Hmmmm, we'll see.

No worries Dennis!


opened the SD reader and saw Kirk K


Hannah J

I guessed 3/5! haha!! :D


oops... sorry :(

anyway this post made me hungry so tomorrow I am making the best karaage of all... at home :)


Thanks Roland!

Hi Hannh - That's not bad at all.

No problem Chris..... I'm glad to have fed your hunger!


They all look good. Now which one has the best taste?


Hi VFR - I think I mentioend that #1 is my favorite.


D'oh - I knew Masa was a possibility, but I left #3 blank anyway...


now I'm craving kara-age...


Hi Hao - So close!

Hi FH - Time to get your fix!

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