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Wednesday, 02 February 2011



That is a sweet post. Happy birthday Kirk.


happy birthday kirk! what a great post, started crying at the end, in a warm fuzzy kind of way. all the best for 2011!


I come back from my minor hiatus grave to wish you a Happy Birthday bro!


Happy Birthday Kirk! Here's to many more!

What a sweet post from your wife!!! awwww


such a heart-warming post. love it! and I agree with Kat, tears by the end of it =) thanks for sharing such sweet thoughts.
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Kirk!! Thanks for creating and sharing mmm-yoso with us! Cheers to many more great years!!


missus, that was such a beautiful and well written post...he's def. lucky to have you =p

happy bday kirk...i hope you are having a good ol time tonight!


Happy Birthday Dude Kirk! What is better for a birthday than a blessing like this from the person who is closest to you? It's gonna be an AWEsome year!


Aw, what a sweet and wonderful post. Happy birthday, Kirk! And xing nian kuai le too!


Awwww, you a lucky man Kirk and Happy Birthday!

Oh and Happy Chinese New Year to you and the Missus. Wishing you the best of health and prosperity and of course a million more food blogging to come.

新年快乐 or is it 新年快樂

p.s. does the missus have sisters? ;-)

Jeff C

Gong Xi, Gong XI, Kirk and Missus. Happy BDay to you,Kirk. Lovely expressions of sentiment, Missus.
Hope your New Year is filled with love and fortune.


The missus is 2 for 2 for making me teary-eyed with her posts.

Happy Birthday Kirk!


happpy birthday kirk =D many more years to you and your wife!

Funk Man

Happy Birthday Bro:

My wife and I also from two different middle eastern..her Chinese...

Interested in a dining out adventure?

We are in Kearny Mesa.


Happy Birthday Kirk! Like everyone else, I was really touched by this post by the Missus. This morning I was driving into work and thinking about how I have been surrounded by so many unhappy marriages and the only advice on marriage I seem to get is "don't do it." So reading this post after coming into work was so perfect.
Happy New Year to you and the Missus!


Awwww.... Happy Birthday, Kirk!


Thank you, Kirk and the Missus, for all the wonderful stories in the blog. You are both so fortunate to have each other.

Happy Birthday, Kirk! Is today the actual birthday?

And may this Year of the Rabbit bring you happiness, prosperity and more blog adventures.


That was so sweet! Happy birthday, Kirk!

Sarah Norton

Happy Birthday Kirk!!! I am grateful to be able to vicariously share in your travels and your meals. And you've introduced me to places in San Diego that I never would have explored on my own. Here's to another year of good eats!!


Glücklicher Geburtstag from Germany! I wish you many good and loving years to spend with your loving wife.

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