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Tuesday, 15 February 2011



yum! grilled tongue. hard to beat that.


I was just telling my sis about this place the other day - she was asking for something Asian BBQ (but not Korean!). I heard about this place but always feared it was too expensive. The prime skirt and Kobe beef looks so incredible. What was the price you paid per person by the end of the meal (minus alcohol).
Wonderful post!


Happy belated birthday! Beef tongue makes any birthday great. :) Yukhwe is one of my favorite dishes... loved it since I was a kid. Must have been an odd child... who would call raw slices of beef and egg one of their favorite foods? ;)


How would you compare this with Anjin?


Hi Lynnea - mmmmm tongue!!!

Hi Faye - Depending on how much you eat, I'd say $20-30 pp is about right. Portions are small, but are meant to be enjoyed in leisure.

Hi GF - So true! You're surely a "natural" adventurous eater!

Hi Kevin - Sorry to say, I've never been to Anjin; though I've been tempted to check them out when I've driven by. Several of my friends have been to both.... and they all like Anjin more FWIW.


nice you got to re-connect. sounds like their food is pricey but worth it once in awhile.

The Food Detective

What is the difference between a Japanese and a Korean bbq? Japanese bbq has no panchans? Obviously, I've never been to Tsuru's.

Little Miss Contrary

The Kobe rib cube looks so good!!! I'll have to check this place out!


Hi Kat - Yes, we were pleasantly surprised.

Hi TFD - The meat is of higher quality and smaller portions. Much of it is not marinated, slightly marinated, or differently marinated. At Tsuruhashi, there are a couple of pieces of what looks like binchotan in the grill area.

Hi LMCC - We enjoy a visit to Tsuruhashi every once in a while.


Kirk, how do you cook Yukke? Put everything on the grill and mix the egg while on it, too? And how do you usually grill the meat? Any dish that you cook medium well? Thanks.


Hi Theo - The egg and beef are mixed together and eaten raw. It is for all intents and purposes a raw beef salad. You can grill items as well as you want. I usually grill the beef tongue well done because I love charred edges. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!


good lord kirk, don't you know that kids read this blog? and here you are, blatantly posting up all this food porn w/o a care in the world.

all of this looks so damn good...esp the yukke and the tongue!!! it's def. been a while since i've had some bbq. been a lot of ramen for me these days =(


LOL Sawyer! Perhaps I need to start creating a "rating" system like movies? So I guess in your mind this one would be rated 'NC-17' - No One 17 And Under Admitted? ;o)


Thanks for the reply, Kirk. Now, I have to try yukke :)


Hi Theo - Thank you for reading! Please give it a try and let me know what you think.


Peter and I seriously dream about the meal we had there. The food was so so good. I could hang a picture of that Kobe in my living room :)


Hi Ange - I'm glad you guys enjoyed the meal.


Makes you wonder how the cows in Kobe stay intact. You'd think they'd just melt on the hoof!


I think it's the skin Jan....otherwise they'd just melt in the sun! ;o)

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