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Wednesday, 16 February 2011



Do you know if there is any relationship between that Troy's and the one in the shopping center with San Diego Brewing Co?


No relation, James. The one on Mission Gorge is Troy's Greek, and the entire menu is Greek centered (and good). This place -Troy's Family- is more of a family and American centered menu of quality, homestyle food-on the level of Jimmy's, Janet's, Johnny's R and Mission Gorge/Miramar Cafe. All are really good. I've always been impressed by the house made sauces and dressings here in addition to the food preparation.


@cathy I agree this place isn't "authentic" Greek food and isn't artisan by any stretch of the imagination but it is very, good diner food.

I used to live behind the DMV by the Clairemont square and used to love this place!

BTW You should really check out "Fish Attack" down the street on Clairemont drive, new sushi place, very good!


Hi Frrugal. We lived closer to the Post Office. Glad to 'meet' someone who knows the food from Troy's. It hasn't changed in all these years. Yes, I saw "Fish Attack" when we left Troy's and it is on my radar for the next time I am in the area. Welcome to our blog.


hi cathy - i will have to try this place with the husband and child one day. kinda cool how hardly anything has changed over the years. i really like these kinds of mom and pop places.


Try the Troy Burger, cc. (I should have done it for Burger week.) General stuff here, like the egg wash on the fish, is just done right. They do have a counter/bar stool area to sit instead of a table-I like to that when eating by myself.

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