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Tuesday, 01 February 2011



sounded like a great place to relax and think! loved all the beautiful photos!


Beautiful! I think I'll go back and look at all the pictures a third time! Green tea is wonderful, I drink it all the time, but I've never had a $10 pot of tea!


What an astoundingly beautiful post Kirk! I must say, without such beauty, good food would not be nearly as good.


Beautiful...I never knew why there was holes in the tea tray until I met my wife. LOL
Yeah and $10 bucks for tea better be good.


Hi Kat - All the gardens we visited in Suzhou are beautiful.

Hi AZ - I've started drinking Ti Kuan Yin just about everyday.

So true Jo, so true!

Hi Bill - That's funny..... I thought it was kinda obvious! ;o)


hi kirk - what a really thoughtful post. loved the photos of the windows and the gardens. i always enjoy reading your posts, whether food is mentioned or not!


I was wondering if you were going to the Humble Administrator's Garden. Now I want to go back and look at the photos that I took. I do recall buying film at the shop because I took so many pictures.

[I hope someone out there isn't thinking, "what's film?"]

Jeff C

wonderful post. Definitely one place I would like to visit. I think I would probably fill an 4G SD card on just that visit alone.
Loved the comment about the tea.


Thanks CC!

Hi Sandy - I love that last sentence...... I did have someone ask me that a couple of weeks ago! ;o)

Hi Jeffrey - In all we took nearly 400 shots here...... it was hard to pick out just a few!


wow, thanks for taking me along for the trip!


Hi Dmarie - Thank you for visiting!

Susan Marmé

Love Suzhou, was just pointed to your blog by a friend - it's nice to see that someone else loves and understands the city. If you're there again please go to the Wang Si restaurant in the Guanqian area, much much better than the De Yue Lou (where we also had poor service in the "regular people's" area by the way, but their minced fish with pine nuts was terrific).


Hi Susan - Thanks for visiting and reading! I think that the Missus being born and rasied in China had something to do with understanding Suzhou, and the other cities we visited. Thanks as well for the recommendation. I do think we'll be back in Suzhou again.

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