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Tuesday, 22 February 2011



nice timing :)


I LOVE amaebi! I've never had one with eggs in it, though. I bet it was amazing.


Garlic spread...delicious until you realize you have a meeting in 10 minutes and you don't have gum on you....yum...


Mmmmm the samich looks delish, I'm with you I don't like mega meat samiches, a nice balance of cheese, meat, and veg is my favorite. As for the shrimp, I looooove eggs, but I want them to come from something with feathers that says "puck, puck, puckcuk!" (That was my chicken imitation, in case you missed it.) :)


Hi Kat - Yes, sometimes things just work out.

Hi Leanne - These were huge, and pretty darn good.

Hi Cliff - I got one to top that..... don't do Korean BBQ before a big meeting! ;o)

Hi AZ - Maybe that's why I like a good Banh Mi! Love that chicken imitation.... ;o)


OMG, that fried shrimp. Drrool. And the sashimi looks fantastic.


Hi Dennis - That' pretty much the usual sashimi I get there...... those prawns were huge.


what a nice and toasty looking sandwich.

love the crunchy "antenna" on those shrimp. That's always my favorite part, like shoe string potatoes! =)


Hi Lynnea - Yes, it is like shoestring potatoes.... great analogy!

Gypsy Jan

Kirk, (I tried to send you a private message, but I don't use Outlook) I have been watching a very interesting show on PBS, called "Your Japanese Kitchen" and I would pass along the link to the website:


Korean bbq before a meeting. I can imagine that didn't end very well.. :)


Omg, those shrimp! I would have gone to town on them. Never had the eggs though...


Hi Jan - It's nice to hear from you! It's been a long time. I did respond to your emails, I hope you got them. Thanks for the link!

Hi Cliff - I dunno....... I've been thinking of bottling the stuff, and using it as cologne. It was kinda boss had lunch with us that day, and it was a last minute meeting, with another department.

Hi Rosa - Those shrimp were huge.


Those eggs look heavenly!


Hi Ange - They were.....

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