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Monday, 21 February 2011



Every time I've been to Pho Cow Cali it's always been good too - I'm surprised they have off days :)

Although personally I prefer Tajima over Yakyudori...the last time I went there, everything was drowning in soy sauce and I nearly choked to death on the abundance of Miso residue in the soup.


Hi Cliff - I was very surprised too...... I'm hoping that it was just a bad day. Tajima's ramen sometimes has a strange almost artificial taste to it. I do know that the salt they use for their ramen isn't very good. I like the shio that Yakyudori uses.


Hi Kirk, next time we'd have a pitcher of beer and all will be swell. You can even crash at my place. ;)


sounded like bad days, hopefully that is the case. hope sammy didn't get too much scoldings.


I've found PCC to be less consistent than Lucky recently, but my sample size is too small to do a rigorous comparison. Didn't PCC open a new location recently? I wonder if that may be part of the reason for perceived inconsistency.


Love Sammy! What a little scoundrel :-)


Hi Dennis - If it's Tajima, we'll need at least two......

Hi Kat - Yeah, it was recent stretch of blah......

Hi Hao - That's interesting as I've always found PCC to be very consistent. I hadn't heard of that they owners opened a new place...... I need to check into that.

Hi DD - That he is.....


I know what you mean Kirk. I can't remember the last time I had ramen at Tajima. And to think they used to serve up a decent Asari manila clam ramen. Long gone are those days. I might try the second location out of curiosity just to see.


but who could ever get upset with that cute little face? what a darling.


So what did you folks do to upset Sammy? Dogs normally do this kind of thing to retaliate for something. We have two girls -- Miso and Manju. Miso will sometimes do things like that when she is angry about something. Like us going out when she doesn't want us to. Or when she wants some attention and we just ignore her.


Hey Kirk! Hahaha... Bear's a master at the same look. Does Sammy do a slinky guilty walk, too? I noticed that there's cheetah-spotted stuffie with a rope handle. Bear has the same one and diabolically tears it apart at the seams, stitch by stitch. ;)


Sad to hear Tajima has gone downhill. :(

Have you been to Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi in Gardena? Such rich porky broth and awesome noodles! My fave place so far.

There's a dog amidst all that fluff? ;) Cute...


Hey Kirk - I went to Tajima for the 1st time the other day, and agree with your assessment of the ramen. Their grilled beef tongue, however, was amazing. I'm thinking of going back there just for appetizers.

Food detective

Guilty as charged!

Let's have noodles at Tajima at 2am to see what happen.

I actually like Pho Cow. I hope that it was an off day. I'm still a little bit grossed out when a kid vomited all over the place next to the cash register. I can never walk down that hallway to the bathroom again.


Hi Dennis - I thought Tajima "Tapas" was meh.....

Hi Lynnea - Yes, it's really hard to get mad...

Hi Alan - Sammy is really good at tearing things apart..... of course the Missus and I have been busy with work, so this was bound to happen. I thought it was funny.

Hi GF - So Bear does that too, huh? Funny.....

Hi Rosa - Yes.... but not for a couple of years. They use the right type of Hakata Ramen noodles. BTW, for broth, it used to be Daikokuya for us.

Hi Vicki - If you go to Tajima on Mercury, try the Nankotsu - deep fried chicken cartlidge.

LOL TFD........ I like PCC as well; but it was really off on this day.


Poo I may have jinxed myself by commenting on this one earlier. Just went to pho cow cali again for lunch and had a pretty disappointing visit. I got stuck in a table in the back next to the bathrooms and hardly ever saw a waiter; our water cups were empty the whole time. The broth was still pretty good but the noodles seemed too mushy. :(


Oh no Cliff! That sucks.....

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