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Monday, 07 February 2011



You are spot on about In-n-Out. I usually skip the fries, or split a small order among 3 people. Now I think I need to do some grilling later this week (gotta eat the superbowl leftovers first).


I didn't enjoy Five Guys either when I went but I did like their fries better. I've discovered I like In-N-Out's fries if I get them "lightly well done" - they come out a bit crispier than usual.

Food detective

Mr. C always buy fries from other fast food joints while I wait for INO. That 5 Guys burger looks bad.


I think you would enjoy Five Guys a bit more if you got a few more things on it (the bacon/grilled onions in particular are quite good). That, to me, is kind of the appeal vs. a place like In-N-Out, where your options are more limited. In any case, I don't understand why they have to be compared, it's two different kinds of burger imo :)

PS try the cajun fries if you didn't already, they're good


too bad about those burgers, they sure look nice photographed!


Five Guys has been on my list ever since Dennis mentioned it but I never ended up going because the Mister had it a few times and gave it a meh. I'm more particular about my hamburgers so if it's just meh to him, I figure I'd probably wouldn't like it.


OMG Kirk, was that water tower/ retrofit cell tower pic for me?? JK ;) I've been strangely out of phase with burgers lately but soon as it's back I'd like to try Five Guys eventually. Thanks for sharing as always.


For a franchise I found them to be surprisingly inconsistent. Over 3 visits I've had 1 decent burger and 2 exactly like your last at NTC

Motoare Reductoare

I liked better the burger you got from Chicago, even if I’m really a burger fan. Too bad the meat was unseasoned. Definitely the I-N-O burgers looked a lot better, but I don’t know about the fries though…


Oh sadness you had disappointing burgers. I need to pay another visit to the Five Guys near me to make sure they are still as good as last time. Hoping they're not starting to falter in quality. If they are, at least I have 2 In-n-Outs near my house. :)

The fries at Five Guys blows In-n-Out's out of the water for sure. :)


Awwww come on Kirk; it's definitely not In and Out but it's nice to have more meat on a bun. Then being in Tx I get my fair share of good burgers but it is nice to have In and Out. This is about 5 guys right ;-)


Hi Jan - I've never taken to In-N-Out's fries.... and after having my share of "natural, fresh made" in Chicago..... I tihnk they could do better.

Hi Mary - I've had those fries every which way..... but for some reason I've never liked them.

Hi TFD - The squished burger was actually the better of the two!

Hi Chris - But this is burger week.... not bacon week! Before I start throwing stuff on a burger, I always like to see what the burger tastes like. Sorta like what I did the Hodad's....which is nothing without the bacon. Those were the cajun fries..... I've had both, and they are good.

Hi Kat - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

Hi Carol - The burger itself is kinda mealy, and it seems like they really don't season it.

Hi Dennis - LOL! I forgot about your obsession with towers..... I dunno why I put that photo there.... perhaps I was subliminally influenced? ;o)

Hi MikeW - 1 out of 3 is good.... in baseball! Not so good with burgers....

Hi MR - The burger from Chicago looked much better.... but the local one tasted better.

Hi Rosa - I usually like my burgers..... to be, well burgers, and messed up with a bunch of stuff. You're right on the fries!

Hi Bill - I'm sure you must have some great burgers there!


By the way, in the spirit of burger week, I noticed a "something something" burgers and brew place in Mira Mesa in the Trader Joe's strip mall. Haven't been yet.


Hey Jan - I gotta go check it out.

The Guilty Carnivore

I agree with you 100% on the In-n-out vs. Five Guys. Too bad up here in Portland we only have the latter.


Hi GC - Yeah, I was a bit disappointed in what I got from Five Guys. It's nice to hear from you, it's been a while.


I fell in love with 5 guys at the town center in Jacksonville, Fl. If you ever mosey up to mid-Michigan you MUST have a halo burger, my mouth waters when I think about them. ;)


Hi Superjoy - Sounds great! I have that on my list!


It's definitely fast food, but they do something magically to them, lol! I crave them when I go home. They are only in the Flint area. While you're there get a Boston cooler!


what about fudruckers for burger week....I had a burger there for the first time a month or so ago and tought it was great...rockys in pb is still my favorite but i thought the fudruckers half pound was pretty dam good!

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