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Saturday, 12 February 2011



Hope you feel better Kirk! Man I tried those cold shichuan noodles at ba ren once.. My esophagus felt all warm like I downed a shot of hard liquor!


oy...hope you'll feel better soon. "Little K" is a bit nervous, but very excited. That chicken looks good.


I always craved Jack-in-the-Box tacos when I was a kid. I still want that sometimes now but usually want Thai or sichuan. Those are really the only thing I can taste. And when I want noodle soup, I like adding a couple of tablespoons full of gochujang to the broth. Hope you feel better soon, Kirk!


hope you feel better soon! nip it in the bud with lots of garlic and chili! take care.


Get better...that sake looks good:)
I was feeling under the weather today and had canh chua. Nothing like comfort soup.


LOL Dennis!

That chicken was delicious YY - it sure woke up my tastebuds.

Thanks Carol!

Hi Kat - Yep, that's what I'm trying to do!

Hi Ange - That sake is motivation to get better!


There's nothing like Spicy food to scare away a cold! How do you like Ba Ren compared to Spicy City (next to Cathay Bank)? I recently revisited Spicy City and thought it was decent.


Hi Faye - I prefer Ba Ren over Spicy City. They don't use enough Sichuan Peppercorn, and the food isn't prepared to my tastes.... I like the stronger ChongQing Sichuan flavors.


wow those two dishes certainly look like they could revive comatose tastebuds!


Hi FH - They sure did the trick!

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