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Thursday, 06 January 2011



sounds like you both had great holiday meals!


Awww.. the turtle's cute! I hope he doesn't end up on a plate. :(


Hi Kat - It was fun as always!

Hi Rosa - The little critter is cute....... he kept me entertained, well more like mesmerized while I waited for my sticky rice.

ed (from Yuma)

Sounds like a great Christmas meal. Those dumplings look better than the ones Tina and I had in SD.

And you should remind the Missus that the old predictable becomes the new traditional.


This is a godsend post Kirk! Ange and I happen to be in LA this whole weekend so this definitely covers all our bases for food options. Everything looks so great, cant wait to try some of them!


This is totally what I would do for Christmas Eve if I didn't go home to spend it with family.
I must get the tea smoked duck. I've only had one place where it is very meaty and it's in the Bay Area. I like the duck more meaty. I still need to check out Qing Dao. It was closed last time I tried. I've never heard of or tried Liang Ci Ba.
I love the turtle! I used to have a similar one as a pet.


LOL, my wife loves her chicken bone like that lady.

 Jeff C

Kirk, How I miss Rowland Hts. Happiness restaurant in its earlier incarnations was where I had many happy meals. Shufeng accross the way had great shao tsai. I miss Hong Kong Market and the stinky tofu. Three village restaurant, is it still there? I saw an incarnation at Las Vegas. Went to Yunnan Gardens in LV on Christmas, too.


I think that's a tortoise, but what do I know. :o)

Bbq Dude

"She was gnawing and sucking away on the bones like this was her last meal before the electric chair."

Best quote ever.

Funk Man

Congrats Dude...when is the first column? Does it have a name?


Hi Ed - They are much, much better then Dumpling Inn; which you know I don't have an affinity for.

Hi Darwin - Your choices are endless.

Hi Kirbie - I'm more of a flavor person when it comes to duck. It's becoming sort of a Xmas tradition to drive to LA and grab some Jiaozi.

Hi Bill - Now that I want to see! ;o)

Hi Jeffrey - Yes. Three Villages.....what we used to call "bargain city" for their cheap prices is still there.

Hi AZ - I dunno..... I'm an eater, not a biologist! ;o)

LOL BBQ Dude! It was a pretty amazing sight to say the least.

Hi Funk Man - This upcoming week, I think. I'm not sure what they'll be calling it, if anything.

Funk Man

Dude, you deserve it. You have put in lot of time. Good score. I'm jealous, but they made a great choice. Between you and I, the places NW reviews I really don't care for. Go at it bro!

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