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Saturday, 29 January 2011



Lucky you all the offals with the shrimp paste sauce. Yum


beautiful post! you are truly blessed :)


Yum yum


Close friends and family, amazing food, good health...what more can you ask is great!


great food pix kirk. the dragon fruit looks cool!

ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget the blessings of great friends and wonderful times.

 Jeff C

Kirk,I think that they should also count themselves blessed to have you as their friend, also.
Happy Spring Festival.


nice post kirk...def. agree w/ being grateful for friends...lately i've been enjoying eating at home w/ friends more so than going out. and i agree w/ jeff c are an awesome guy.

hope all is well down in sd


Awesome post Kirk! And everything looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for being a great host yourself!!


What a feast! The white an pink wedges look almost like kamaboko sprinkled with black sesame seeds!


so sweet =) thanks for sharing the happiness!


Fantastic meal and fantastic friends!

Delicious foods

The pix look so delicious and awesome and so waz ur wonderful Feast...
Ur frienz are too lucky and blessed to have a friend like you.. Enjoy the wonderful year ahead!!!

Fat Fudge

That second to last picture, I hope it wasn't some bug larvae.


Hi Bill - Man that sausage was great!

I am Kat, I truly am!

Hi YY - More like "yummy yummy"!

Life is indeed great Ange.

Hi CC - It was a fantastic meal!

Hi Ed - You're so right.....

Hi Jeffrey - Happy New Year!

Hi Sawyer - I hope all is well. We're doing well down here, and look forward to your next visit!

Hi Dennis - Man, this was a wonderful spread...... plus I got to hang around some of my favorite folks. Can't beat that!

Hi Sherry - It does, doesn't it?

Hi Lynnea - I'm very lucky to have friends like these!

Hi Nate - It was!

Hi DF - Thanks!

Hi FF - It was indeed, and quite delicious....especially with a cold one!


Wow, what a meal! Were there really...bugs? And did you try it? :D I can't bring myself to be that adventurous.


Hi Rosa - Oh yes.... silkworm larvae. You might know it by the name Bondegi? It was delicious!

Delicious foods

Wow..!! The pix looks so delicious and I made one of this recipe in last week after used your blog and it was really awesome ,I love that delicious test so thanks for given nice recipe to me....
i am so happy to have found your blog! thank you..

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