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Thursday, 13 January 2011



I wish I had a $3 joint like that around here. It sure doesn't look like it's, $3 make you hollar ;-)


That looks like a really good deal for $3! For your curry dish, you wrote 'onion 7' - what does that mean ? I'm wondering if that's the amount or type of onion?

Never had giant clam so perhaps I'll go there to try it out since it's so affordable!

Nice post :)


It's really good, bill. Good enough to make me wnat to try the regular menu...I already know dinner and sushi here is great.

You caught my non-editing way of writing a post, Faye. The Mister *hates* onions and picks them out...I start writing a post, inserting all photos and put in some relevant words, to trigger my memory when I am finishing up. The Mister had picked out seven large pieces of onion from the curry, leaving them on the side for me to eat...I didn't re-read before posting. Obviously. {the clam was *really* good}

San Diego Lawyer

Is this in Kearny Mesa? IF so, that's just down the street from me I'll definitely check it out.


Awww giant clam yum yum yum...that is my fav.


Hi YY! I had never tried it before, thinking it would be chewy, like small clams. I now have cravings for it...


Hi Cathy, I was just there the other day! Still need to check out the $3 deals. Happy New Year btw!


Welcome back, Dennis! I was wondering if you were going to try to find foods to remind you of the real thing and where you would look. The year is looking good so far. Hope it is for you also.

Little Miss Contrary

I have been there with my sister when it used to be Sammy Sushi! I heard there is a specialty roll called the Fertility Roll (use your imagination as to what the presentation of this roll looks like ...).


Well, it is Sammy's place again, LMC. Just as good, if not better. Thanks so much for the mental image I now have seared into my brain...forever. :)

Little Miss Contrary

Haha, sorry! ;P I will have to go check out Sushi Yaro soon!

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