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Sunday, 16 January 2011



yummy revisits!


your bean sprouts really do look yummy! =) it's tough when home cooks can do better than professionals. makes me want to eat in more often.


I'm glad you mentioned the HK BBQ restaurant, next time you go give the wonton soup a try. While the soup is pretty mediocre, the wontons are nice and shrimpy as HK style wontons should be. Compared to the mediocre-ness that Luong Hai Ky is, it's a decent option in that area.

On a side note, we go there moderately often and always get a kick out of the one waiter running around like crazy. You can tell the folks who never have gone there before, because they'll sit there waiting for him, sometimes for a very long time. You really have to be proactive to flag him down, to the point of walking up to the register area grabbing him as he walks to the floor.


Hi Kirk, I was randomly at The Noble Chef again last week. I've avoided any soup noodle dishes there after a couple extremely bland experiences but thought it was just me since I see it ordered often.
Anyhow I'm curious about Yum Cha Cafe's $3.39 roasted chicken bowl now! ;)


Geesh, the Missus suckered you or is it an excuse to be bring out the big guns? I need a burner like that for my wok. Watery soup sucks...

ed (from Yuma)

A fun post. Good work with the Big Kahuna!


I love meatball soup - I've never been to Noble chef thou. What do you mean by the meatballs were "squeaky"?

Your bean sprouts look AMAZING. I wonder if you can replicate that using just a regular wok over standard gas stove top?

Also, i saw your article on Pho in last weeks Reader! Congrats!


Cool. I've been thinking about getting duck from there and doing something with it lately. And with the recent warm weather, I might just pull out the propane on Wednesday.


55k?! that's some heat!!
Congrats on the reader review gig!! so well deserved and a great article too.


Your duck and sprouts stir fry looks awesome! (We go to a really good duck place in NYC but don't even bother with the additional dishes--we just take the duck home and make soup, heh.) I am envious of your 55,000 BTUs...of course, if I had one, I'd probably set my apartment building on fire :)


Kirk, your stir fried duck dish looks awesome, way better than what you bought, which looks like what was at the bottom of the condiment dish from my pho lunch.


Thanks Kat!

Hi Lynnea - You know, I was so disappointed in that dish.... it really felt like the restaurant wasn't even trying.

Hi Jason - Thanks for the rec. LHK makes their won tons and dumplings like most "Mi" places.... really packed hard. After the duck, I'm willing to try them out again.

Hi Bill - I try to use the Big Kahuna every chance I get!

Thanks Ed!

Hi Faye - Most beef balls have that hard texture that when you rub them it literally squeaks!

Hi Jan - It's great weather for cooknig outdoors now..... I did just that last night!

Hi Michael - Thanks!

Hi TofuGirl - LOL! Burning down the building for the sake of some bean sprouts is probably not a good trade off! ;o)

LOL Carol! It does kinda look like that.

Hannah J

All that duck... looks so good... mouth... WATERING!! YUMMO!


Hi Hannah - Happy Nerw Year! I hope you're doing well. On this visit the duck was pretty good.


Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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