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Saturday, 01 January 2011



Happy New Year's Kirk!


Food detective

Happy new year! Thank you for all the yummy posts. Life is not the same without mmmyoso.


Happy New Year!! I had a great dinner at Yaro for NYE, nice way to ring in the new year.




Happy new year! Mm, oden...we ate boring old veggie stir fry for new year's eve, hehe. Oh well at least I can vicariously enjoy everyone else's meals :D


Happy New Year Kirk. All the best to you. Looking forward to new posts in the new year.


Hi CC - Happy New Year! And now we can wait of 01-11-11 and 11-11-11! ;o)

Thanks so much TFD!

Hi Jason - That sounds like a wonderful NYE meal!

Hi Mills - It's so nice to hear from you! Happy New Year to you, the hubby, and the little one!

Hi Tofugirl - A veggie stir fry is osmething I'll be needing over the next few weeks (months?)!

Thanks Stephen! Happy New Year to you!


Happy New Year.

But Hogetsu is really not that good. The products smell funny. Like old grease or something. Do they actually back there in the shop?


Do they actually bake there in the shop?


Hi Swosanity - Really.... I actually prefer what they make compared to Fugetsu-do in LA......which is where thay learned how to make manju, and worked for many years....I'm not sure what you had, since most manju is steamed, and you refer to "old grease". Though I've always bought directly from Hogetsu, not their products from Nijiya.


happy New Years to you my friend and all of the blogoshpere! Speaking of 11-11-11. I'm getting married on that date!! at 11:11am of course!


Congrats in advance Michael! You do realize that you'll never, ever have an excuse to forget your anniversary, right? ;o)


WOW! Wonderful cooking - great job on the oden, and the hijiki salad looks amazing! Happy New Year to you, Kirk, and the rest of the mmm yoso crew!


Hi Kirk,

We actually chatted for a bit at Sushi Yaro (Lovely Spouse and I were at the end of the sushi bar on the side by the window) and I realized that I never actually introduced myself. Apologies-- my mind must have been elsewhere. Anyway, very best wishes for a happy, healthy, and delicious New Year!


Hi Sherry - Thanks! I hope you have wonderful year!

Hi SK - Oh, so that was you! It was such a pleasure meeting and chatting with you.... I hope to see you both again. I hope you have a fantastic year!


yummy! happy new year! (am catching up with reading blogs!)


Hi Kat - Happy New Year to you too! I hope you've fully recovered from what has been ailing you.


Happy New Year Kirk! I'm catching up with all the posts I missed as well. To another delicious year!! :)


Hey Dennis - A belated Happy New Year to you! I can't wait to read the posts on your trip.


Happy new year to you and the missus, Kirk! What a great feast!

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