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Friday, 21 January 2011


ed (from Yuma)

Glad you posted. I just had to peruse it. Now I gotta find one of these here in Yuma. The food looks good and the fruit fresh.


Always fresh at the fruiterias, much that I never considered them to be unique until I went to JJ and realized the model they must have followed. The food-no fryers or refried beans..just pleasant, not trying to be healthy/trendy...yet always has been.


Highly recommended for its smoothies and fruit, I know the owner she's a very hard worker and is doing everything she can to create the best product. Drink and eat up and enjoy.


I do plan on a follow up post about the smoothies and fruit bowls, salads (and tostilocos) Loren. The the freshness and localness of fruiterias in general is something I want to stress. I do think this particular Fruiteria is one of the best we have in this large county.

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