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Tuesday, 04 January 2011



The name was BOTH Mr. Shos and Mrs. Hos, ed. I remember we noticed it while walking up for a lunch. You could see the dot had been moved. The "original" had communal tables. First time we ever went there, they put us at a large 8 person round table, and then brought others to sit with us. We always get the pork dumplings in the spicy soup, cucumbers and then something thing off the wall signs. Gotta go back. Thanks for the memory.


It's been a while since I've been to Dumpling INN but I was satisfied with the meal I had there. I loved the jellyfish salad as well and the XLB there were the first I've ever eaten.


They have black vinegar behind the counter, you just have to ask.

ed (from Yuma)

So, Cathy, is Dumpling Inn the same as MRSHOS - or just in the same space? Glad someone else has that memory.

Like you, Rosa, I was satisfied. Nothing was bad, most things good, and even the potstickers were just having an off day, I'm sure.

Thanks for the info Lily. I read Kirk's post (with comments) after I got back from San Diego where someone mentioned the same thing. Dumpling Inn was Tina's idea, and as with most of her ideas, it was a good one. But that meant I hadn't done my proper research.


One of my absolute favorite things there are the three ingredient pan fried noodles, they are incredibly good I've found. Same go for the Beef Satay and Greens they make, I recommend both.

Dumplings, they're about as you described them, not the greatest (hell I think Imperial Mandarin down Convoy does better) but tasty.


Never really liked pan fried dumplings but steam and boil dumpling me any day.


The dish my friends and I end up craving at Dumpling Inn is the Kung Pao Chicken, which is not very traditional at all, and has some plum sauce or something on it. It's absolutely delicious!

ed (from Yuma)

Jon and Loren, thanks for the tips. I was surprised by how many diners were not having dumplings. Usually I am cautious about not going with a restaurant's specialty (usually steak is not the best choice at a seafood house, and the fish at a steakhouse is rarely memorable), but it sounds like I need to expand my choices on my next visit.

I still remember my first pot-stickers, bill, which blew my mind and that may be the reason I still order them when I can.


Hey ed. It was the same space, with plain, yellow walls (no mirrors- so seemed smaller) and several large plain round tables and incandescent lighting (so it seeemed even more yellow). That first visit, it was raining and we ordered chicken with noodles! We never had anything but canned La Choy crispy noodles before that. It had that odd vegetable (bok choy). The next time, we asked for "mixed seafood" and that dish had things on it which we had never seen before- and The Mister knows seafood...I am unsure if dumplings were on the menu, but we were still fascinated with Chinese food with noodles...

ed (from Yuma)

So, Cathy, when was that?

I saw MRSHO'S probably on my first visit to Convoy. I had just moved to SD and located Korean Mkts (Korean food was an obsession in those days) on some street named Convoy. The first time I cruised Convoy, I felt like I was in foodie heaven. But there were so many choices (and I had limited finances) that I don't think I ever ate there, yet I've been chuckling about the name ever since.


Woo Chee Chong, which was *the* Asian market was where First Korean Market, which Kirk posted on(I posted on Island Town, a 6 seat eatery inside the Market) now is located,in that Dumpling Inn parking lot. WCC closed in 1993 and we shopped there for years. We were fascinated to go there regularly- they had Peking Duck, on Friday only...and BBQ pork with or without bone, for $3.99/lb and the live crawfish crawled over everything in the seafood/meat case. We have been trying to remember and are pretty positive that MRSHOs was the first restaurant we went to on Convoy Street.

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