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Sunday, 09 January 2011



these did seem a bit sparse, glad you tried the spam one :)


Hi Kirk I'm guessing Spam isn't that popular in Vietnam? The pickled vegetables in banh mi that need more marinating is a pet peeve, but MMM spam and eggs..


Hi Kat - Yes, these are pretty small sandwiches.

Hi Dennis - I think it could be. But they do a great job in VN creating their own forced meat products. I haven't seen much SPAM at Banh Mi shops.


I am inspired to make a Vietnamese style Spam and egg sandwich at home!!! Shame that your sandwiches were small.


We'll have to check it out. It is more convenient for us than other places. Small works for me and my quest to reduce my girth.

Fred Feingold

C'mon, everyone knows Red Medicine's Bahn mi is the best! Nobodies ever had it good until Jordan Kahn came along!!


Hi Su-Lin - Everything tastes good in a Banh Mi!

Hi Jan - Then you should give this place a try.

LOL Fred! And he probably "took the initiative in creating the internet"..... too!


That's a great slogan! You should open up a banh mi shop. I agree though, everything does taste good in banh mi. You know what's an awesome breakfast banh mi? Instead of SPAM®, substitute it with lots of pork floss for a great breakfast sandwich.


That's funny Christine.... I do think that everything tastes better in a Banh Mi!

Ruby W

Spam = eewww to me. The pork floss substitution that Christine T suggested sounds more delicious.


Hi RubyW - The funny thing is; I'm not much of a fan of Pork Sung. The Missus loves it though!

The Geonaut

Hey Kirk, Happy Sushi now serves Loco Mocos. I had the Ultimate Moco (hamburger patty, Portugese sausage, and Spam) today and it was alright. Be aware though since it costs 11 bucks.


Hi Geonaut - Really.... I'll have to check them out!


You're probably reminded of an ice cream shop because it used to be one. It was a DIY yogurt place called 'Yogurlicious' (heh) for a few months. :)


Hi Daniel - Well that explains it! Thanks!

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