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Thursday, 09 December 2010



So far, I have only had the ramen at Yakyudori, and and now I can't wait to go try the yakitori items.

I look forward to the part 2 photos.


I didn't realize they were serving yakitori items. The last time I was there it was still just ramen. I can't wait to try the yakitori items!


I need to try natto when I get a chance.


When was the last time you tried the karaage? When they first opened, it was terrible, but on my last visit (a few weeks ago), it was much lighter.


Yippeee! Finally, a Yakyudori post! Great photos and I'm excited for part 2.


Visited the Hillcrest location last night. They had p-toro on the menu. It was delicious. They also added nabe-yaki udon as well. Dashi was made from scratch. It really hit the spot after a few beers and shochu.


Hi Sandy - I actually think the Yakitori is better then the ramen.

Hi Kirbie - They do a really good job with it.

Hi Bill - Let me know what you think when you try it.

Hi Hao - Last time, two weeks ago.... brought out a a tray of the frozen stuff....knocked it on the counter a few times.... it was even worse than this photo which is from about a month ago.

Hi Jason - I'm glad you're happy..... I'm sorry I took so long to get around to it.

Hi Kamisama - Actually, I think the Convoy shop is better.... last visit to HC location was not that great.


Ooh, I love the buta-shiso! Really, I love anything with ume and shiso. :-)
Took a friend to Alforon last night--still great!

The Food Detective

What? That's it?

Next time we come here, I will ask for "1" stick instead of the regular 2. I love the wings. We call them "bat wings." Did you know that you can only order one order of "bat wing" per couple per night at the Hillcrest location?


Hi Jenne - I'm sure the owners were really happy to see you! I hope you got enough garlic paste.

Hi TFD - At least you didn't have to guess which restaurant this was, right? One of these days I'll show you how easy it is to do Tebasaki Wings......


am wondering if this place is near a baseball field? Yakyu is baseball and dori is road...hmm..everything looks so good!


Hi Kirk, I was there a few evenings ago but was an hour early before the grilling started. I've yet to try the yakitori though I've been a long time patron of the hillcrest location. Thanks for sharing your meals with us!


Hi Kat - That's interesting..... both locations aren't near any baseball field.... hmmm, I'll have to ask them how they got their name.

Hi Dennis - I've noticed a downturn in preparation at the HC location recently.... have you noticed the same? I think it's only recently that they've officially defined 530 as the starting time for the grilling. I can understand; bincho is not cheap stuff!


Owner is a big fan of baseball. And they serve chicken. Hence the name Yakyu (baseball) Dori (bird).


Hi Kamisama - Thanks for that tidbit!

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