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Wednesday, 15 December 2010



My company has a office down there, next to Kaiser and I often stop there for lunch. IMHO it's in the top three north of the 8.


yes please! it is 7C (44F) here!


Hi Roland - I'm thinking it might be in my top three South of the 52! ;o)

Hi Kat - Ooooh, it's starting to get pretty cold.

Food detective

If you're hungry and you want Pho in north county, try Pho Saigon Express. They give you ngo gai. Lots of meat if you get the one with everything( not the special) broth is pretty good with al dente noodles. Don't eat at Kim's Pho or Pho San Marcos (they have brown broth-yuck). There's a new baguette place next to PSM.


Hey TFD - I've got to make it back up there again.


Maybe the camera shop guys thought it was *you* and not your wife who didn't know about the camera!

This place looks like it's in the same strip mall as Vons.


Hi Sandy - I don't think it matters who I said the camera belonged to..... it was about the person bringing it in. And yes, I believe it is in that strip mall.


That's next to where a good friend of mine lives, I've been there a few times. Oddly, I've never had the pho there, usually going for the chow mein or other non-pho dishes. The bot chien is pretty good.

One guy always tried to make conversation with me, maybe because he recognized me from going there with my friend. My friend drops large tips whenever she eats there.


LOL! I have to give the Missus a *high five* cuz that is so something I'd do to my Husband. :)

I'm in SD Mon/Tues and sooo going to satiate my need for Vietnamese. Got any suggestions for new places to try in general in the Mira Mesa/Convoy area?


hi Kirk,
man it's a perfect day for a bowl of Pho!


Hi Fred - You should try the Pho; I think the broth is pretty good.

Hi Rosa - Therte's nothing new that's worth trying...... I've been hecking out some new openings, but haven't been impressed thus far. I think either Aria Kabob House or Hal Mu Ni might be worth your time.

Hi Michael - Yes it was..... and yes it is for today too!


Kirk, another awesome post. Love the missing feature... but when I read this:

"Like many Pho shops that have sprouted up over the years..... the set-up looked like a conversion from a steam table fast-foot joint"

LOL FAST-FOOT?!?! I nearly fell off the chair! Awesome slip of the tongue... err... thumb? ;o)

Nick Ng

"Like many Pho shops that have sprouted up over the years..... the set-up looked like a conversion from a steam table fast-foot joint. Or perhaps it was built that way. There's a small dining area to the left of the counter and steam table and I had a seat."

You are right. This place used to be Ginger Root Express, a Chinese fast-food place that my parents used to own and operate between 2003-Oct. 2007.


Thanks for the tidbit and taking the time out to comment Nick! I'm always fascinated to learn what businesses preceded current ones.

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