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Friday, 17 December 2010



Hi Cathy, I was wondering about this place. So tired of the taco shops and pizza places out here in east county. Need some more variety.
Looks good.


Shrimp in pho? Well a guy I know put nuoc mam in his. LOL

Pam from Santee

Yes, indeed. Filed away for my next trip to the old home turf.


I (try to)blog more about places in East County, Michael...and there is a variety, but good (not ABCDE) Asian hasn't been one of the predominant cuisines until lately. Glad Pho Santee showed up.
Well, bill, one of the choices, Pho Tom (rice noodles and jumbo shrimp in chicken broth) was $7.50 for a large bowl. We can do math without a calculator :)
A bit closer than Convoy Street, Pam. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.


How does this compare with the Pho at Nam Long in the Albertson's Plaza at Mast and Magnolia? Totally on the other side of town, but I like their food and the service. I often get the pho to go and ask for the noodles not cooked so they don't get clumpy when I heat it up at home.


Looks like quite a lot of meat for a great price. I can certainly go for a bowl right now -- it's really starting to rain now.


Welcome to the commenting side of our blog, Khanh. I do live closer to Nam Long and have gone there a number of times since it opened last November. The pho broth has been very weak each time and I found myself not wanting to even try it in hopes it would be better. However, this weekend may give me that chance...I don't want to drive anywhere in this weather (or the shopping havoc). The ladies who work there are very nice.

The bowls are almost overfilled with meat, Carol. I wanted to order extra broth the last time I was there. This is a soup weekend. I love this kind of weather...

Hannah J

Wow, does cha gio really have fungus in it?? Did I read that right?? :P


That's how the menu listed the ingredients, Hannah J. I have always seen small, fine brown slices in cha gio and it's the same texture as the noodles. Never thought about it. The menu here (they don't have a website, but I have a paper to go menu) is very detailed, explaining ingredients-I suppose to explain things for people who aren't familiar with Vietnamese food.


Nice! You're right, those are some pretty generous portions of meat in those pho and bun dishes.

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