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Friday, 10 December 2010



miss those beer tasting menus!


If you're a root beer fan, Bristol Farms in UTC carries Sprecher's root beer. Even the "lo-cal" version is so much better than the regular version of other brands.


Oh yeah. I was just waiting to see what disaster would befall the Midwest. It did and I wasn't even thinking it was unusual. Those supersized samplers must be helpful in the winter back there. Now I have a craving for fried cheese curds...


Hi Kirk, me two now have a craving for fried cheese curds..


Hi Kat - This was quite a super-sized one!

Hi Liza - I've seen Sprecher's Root Beer at other places too....... their beer is not too shabby either.

Well, you called it Cathy!

Hi Dennis - There's something about deep fried cheese curds that I enjoy.

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