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Monday, 27 December 2010



It's so funny that you did a review of this place. I was in Yuma for the Holidays visiting family (I live in San Diego.) As we stopped by Quality Drive-Thru Liquor on 4th Ave. for some last minute shopping, I said out loud, "Jector's Breakfast Burritos" with an American "J", stupidly. Hahahaha.

I didn't have much time to check out any of the Yuma places you've reviewed previously, since I only had two days for the obligatory stops: Chile Pepper, Lute's, and my family's tamales (in that order!)

I've forgotten how quick the drive is (2.5 hours) so I'm pretty sure I'll be making a trip back before next Christmas. I can't wait to go back through all of your posts to make a list. :)

I'm so fascinated that you all write about my two hometowns, Yuma and San Diego. I read every post!


No that's what you call and high protein packed burrito.

ed (from Yuma)

Glad you read the posts, P-M. I'd be glad to read what you think about the other places. An old time Yuman told me about Jector's originally. It seems that Jector was the cook at Stan's Grocery for years.

A lot of protein, bill, for sure. Probably not good to eat one every morning.


I usually get beans and cheese in my breakfast burritos. Nice that the chorizo isn't too greasy. That usually keeps me away from them.

Anyway, just curious, did you make it to the tamale festival this year?

ed (from yuma)

Hi Jan. On the day of the tamale festival, I was eating at the Wine Vault. Because of timing issues, I would have missed a fun trip to SD if I'd stayed out here for the festival. But I am sure it was wonderful. The festival had 2 sound stages going, and I'm sure even more vendors.

Jector's has no meat breakfast burritos also.

ed (from yuma)

oooops, I meant to say that Jector's has breakfast burritos that don't contain meat.


oh I do love a good breakfast burrito. those all look so delicioso! Ooh, do they make breakfast tamales?

ed (from Yuma)

fh, I've never heard of a breakfast tamale. At least I've never seen it on a menu. But if you like tamales, some year you gotta show up for the Somerton Tamale festival in December(10,000 attendees this year I'm told). I've never eaten so many so good tamales.

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