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Tuesday, 14 December 2010



Looks good and Peking duck server correctly with the wrap and not the steam buns.


I just love that duck dish, those shrimp chips are another guilty pleasure... haven't had shrimp in lobster sauce in years, used to be a family standby. I have to remember to look for that in the future. Happy bday Tina!


Thanks FH, it was a good birthday dinner.


Really appreciate the review. I've been looking for really good Chinese food in Yuma for a long time. I'll get back here and post after I've had the opportunity to try it myself! Thanks again!!!


Ok. I went ahead and ordered take out yesterday. I got the Beef & Broccoli, Orange Chicken, House Fried Rice and an order of Egg Rolls (which come in a set of 4 - they're small so that order probably equalled 2 egg rolls from some other places). The whole order came to exactly $34. I was really expecting a great meal but I was kind of disappointed. The presentation of each dish looked great so I was kind of excited BUT the dishes were, for the most part, very bland. VERY disappointing. The Beef & Broccoli was probably the best but they overdid the gluten so it was a bit "thick". But the beef was very nicely cooked, not overdone. The Orange Chicken, however, was totally tasteless. Did they forget to add the Orange, herbs, seasoning? The Fried Rice was also pretty tasteless. Surprisingly the egg rolls had some bite to them, which surprised me, and they were crunchy and I was, overall, pretty satisfied with them. I would order them again. Now, if Grand China can figure out how to cook for folks OTHER than retirees, who traditionally LIKE very bland food, they might be on to something. But as a year round resident of Yuma, and not a retiree, I don't think I'll be going back. Sorry, but I like my Chinese food to ignite my taste buds and Grand China's just didn't even come close. Again, the food LOOKED very good but just pretty much failed the taste test. Not horrible, not good. Overall I'd rate their food a C-. Wouldn't take much for them to bring that up to a solid B though. Hope they figure it out.

Longing for glory days

I was a frequent diner at original Mandarin Palace which really was fine dinning. It would be an over-simplification to say the buffet addition was its' undoing because there were several factors but the buffet certainly did away with the fine dinning ambiance. I was excited to see this open as Grand China with a new owner until I tasted the food (menu and buffet). The owners seem to be very hard-working and nice; it's too bad they didn't choose another type of business. BTW the dead roach in the bar was a real turn off. Can't say I'll never eat here again but if choice is mine we'll go elsewhere. I'm also hoping new owners will get a clue and restore this place (restaurant cleanliness, appearance, ambiance and food) back to its' glory days.

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