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Sunday, 12 December 2010



Great write up Kirk, and thanks for the mention.. When our group was there the first week it opened the items from the grill had much more impact (they might've had help from a temporary senior staff from Japan) than what was coming from the kitchen (not fully ripened flavors as you mention). But yeah I'm curious to see how they grow and the service was excellent.




Hey Dennis - I think this place needs a bit of work....

Hi Kat - Thanks, I hope you had a great weekend.


So is Tsuruhashi still in business? The signage for Koubou fills up that space, but you can see two storefronts on your first photo.


The ONLY thing we like there is their karaage. Which is strange b/c it's so not a grilled item! We tried the Torisenbei (they said it was chicken meat pounded REALLY thin and then deep fried). But we found it bland and also super oily.

Nice post!


Hi Sandy - Actually it's next to Tsuruhashi.... the spaces look the same, so it's easy to rthink Tsuruhashi is gone.

Hi Faye - Oh good, I'll make sure to try the Chicken Karaage.... but that being the best dish doesn;t bode well for a Yakitori shop.


Ah chicken skin. My wife found chicken chicharron at Genna bakery in MM yesterday. I'll never eat pork chicharron again. Boy was it good stuff. Just the right salt and great intense chicken flavor. Gotta get more. :)


Hi Jan - There used to be a place back home that would stretch out the chicken skin, before salting then deep frying it........that was good stuff.



This is Buddha from the past Chowhounds. I sent you an email through this site, did you get it?

I am looking for a recipe for sichuan boiled fish.

I will be working in Alaska this summer as the exec chef.


Hi Jeff - Wow, it's been a long time! I hope you're doing well. Your email ended up in my junk folder but I found it and sent you a recipe. I hope all works out well for you! Good Luck!


I went to a yakitori kind of place last night first time and noticed they serve the rice/noodles at the end. I was too full to think about the expandable foods at that point... next time I will save room and have to try some cartilage


Hi FH - I really like Nankotsu.... it's a textural kind of thing.

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